Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Cuties

I love to dress the kids so that their outfits coordinate, but it has gotten harder as they have both gotten older, I don't know how I will do it with three. But in honor of Veteran's Day I wanted the kids in patriotc colors. Addie informed me when we were in the van that she doesn't like red, but once I told her that she was wearing the colors of the flag she was okay with it.
Here is Addie on our back porch. The weather has been so nice here lately, we have been trying to spend more time outside.

Addie and Ben playing with their car.

It was Ben's turn to take a look under the hood. We had to disconnect the battery in his car because we were afraid that Addie was going to drive it through the screens. Both of the kids are very concerned that it is not 'working' any more.

I love pictures from behind of the kids, mostly because you don't have to worry about where the kids are looking or if they are smiling.

Addie is great about hugging and kissing on cue for the camera. Ben never knows what to think of all the attention.

After nap time yesterday the kids were so sweet. I had a tv show on and a snack that they shared. They are starting to get along in a new way that is so much fun to watch. They definitely still have their moments, but it is so much fun to see them becoming friends.

Last night we took advantage of the Outback Veteran's Day special and met Jon for dinner. The kids miss their daddy everyday while he is at work and it is so much fun to see them get so excited at the end of the day.
We had a great dinner and a very fun Veteran's Day, thank you to all of our friends and family that have served our country over the years.

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