Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today is a rainy day here, but these kids are having so much fun playing together. 

10 on 10 July

10 on 10 July 2012

8 AM Garrett is finally up and eating breakfast, he likes to be a big boy and skip the booster seat.  Ben has been up for a while and is already playing on his Mobigo.  I am still waking up and working on my cup of coffee.  I LOVE my happy new polka dot coffee mugs.

9 AM With our impending (but still unscheduled) move looming I have been tackling organization projects around the hosue. Today's project was the receipt drawer. I realized when I started sorting that I had not touched this drawer since November 2011, oops. 

My awesome kiddos were hanging out watching some PBS kids and playing while I worked.  We no longer have a tv in the kitchen, but having a tv in the downstairs living room has been really nice. 
10 AM Everyone is dressed!  I feel like most of my pictures have partially clothed children in them, we really do get dressed, the boys were even matching for part of the day.

11 AM My latest lunch, fully cooked burgers.. I did not have high hopes for these, but you know those HEB meal deals can suck you in so I tried them. For a burger that only takes 2 minutes in the microwave I have become a fan. 

The table all set for the little people to come eat. 

12 PM After lunch we needed to run to Walmart.  I needed fruit for a Bible study I was headed to and I had a few coupons I needed to use.  Everyone needed a juice to go to the store. 
 1PM We are finally done shopping and I rewarded myself with a sweet tea.  I love sweet tea. 
 2 PM We are home and all 3 kiddos are down for a nap today.  I have some quality time to finish up my Bible study for the week.  I highly recommend this study, I am really enjoying the homework and the group discussion has been very interesting. 
 3 PM Kiddos are all still sleeping!  I am a lucky mom, I know.  I took this time to catch up on a show, look at/add to my to do list and update my calendar. 
 4 PM My Addie is awak and taking her turn on the Ipad, I can't believe I was ever anti Ipad. 
 5 PM Dinner is in the oven and my fruit tray is ready to take with me tonight.  This is Garrett throwing a little fit because dinner wasn't ready yet.  Then I think he got mad because I was taking pictures of him while he was throwing a fit. 
Definitely not the end of our day, but I hope you enjoyed another peak into what it is like at the Hilton's house. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 Years

Last night as we celebrated the 4th of July we realized that we have lived here in Texas for 3 years.  To some people that might not be much of an accomplishment, but for me and my family that is a big deal.  The longest I have ever lived in a home is 4 years.  I moved a lot growing up.  I was a child of the Air Force (I don't like the term Air Force Brat).  I wouldn't trade all of the experiences I had moving around and all of the neat places I got to go to, but it has been nice to have a little continuity for our kiddos.  
Just for fun I went back and found pictures from July 2009.  Addison had just turned 2 and Ben was about 4-6 weeks old in all of these pictures.  
 Addie's first summer at the pool.  It is hard to believe that she can swim the length of the pool by herself now.  
 Our handsome little Ben-Ben.  
 He was such a chunky little baby, he was exactly 5 weeks in this picture.  

 And here is Jonathan on his first day at ExxonMobil.  I remember how excited he was that he didn't have to wear a uniform to work, and I thought he looked so handsome.  I still do!
 I had to look to find a picture of myself from that time, so here is our little family.  It is amazing the difference 3 years makes.  
When we moved into this house we didn't think that we would be here this long, we thought we would have moved overseas on an assignment already.  We did not think that we would have added another precious little boy quite so soon.  I can't imagine our life if we were the ones making all the decisions.  I love to see how God has directed our life and I can't wait to see where we are in another 3 years.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Today we were able to have some wonderful friends over for brunch.  I didn't realize until after they left I didn't get any pictures of their sweet family, but Brenden took plenty of pictures so hopefully I can get some from her.  
I did manage to get pictures of the food.  Many of my ideas were inspired by different Pinterest pins.
We were able to eat out on our back patio this morning, it was so nice.
I had fun setting up the kid's table.  All the kids loved their cups with the fun straws.

I love the American Flag in the back.  
I found these letters from an old printing press in Forney, TX.  
The french toast was good, but I think I will try tweaking a few things the next time I make it.  
My favorite part about cooking, watching my family enjoy eating it.  

Brenden was sweet and took this family picture for us.  I love it!
After our friends left we had some rest time to power up for our evening activities.  
At the park with more friends from church, there was a play ground, a splash pad, and enough room for the dads to play football.  Everyone was happy.  
Garrett eating some fried chicken and lemonade.  He is such a cheesey boy when the camera comes out.  
Garrett was super excited when he saw the watermelon.  I love his little grin.  
After the park we just came home. We really wanted to go and watch fireworks, but this year we just didn't have it in us to battle with three tired kiddos in the Texas heat.  We came home and gave baths and sat on the couch and watched the NBC 4th of July special and the kids were mesmerized by the fireworks.  
Jon and I both love the 4th of July.  We love this country and I am so proud of Jon for the part he played in defending our freedom.  I love that we are able to spend nights like tonight together enjoying our amazing family.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.  


To you ever get your camera out and find random pictures that you have taken and not done anything with?  This morning I pulled my camera out to document our 4th of July fun and I found these images.  I am going to try and catch up with these so I am ready to unleash all of our patriotic fun later today, or tomorrow.

Nannie reading a story her last night here. 
 Nannie's parting gift to us was an arsenal of water guns.  
 Garrett was getting Nannie with one of them.  
 Garrett doesn't quite understand how a water gun works though.  He spent most of the time shooting himself.  
 The toppings for our tacos one night this week for dinner.  I thought they were pretty.  Tacos have been a challenge for me since I can't use cheese or sour cream on them.  I have found that avocado helps add in the creaminess that I miss and cilantro and lime add so much extra flavor I don't miss all of my cheesey friends.  
 We have been making many trips to the pool again this year.  The boys were heading to the pool with Daddy the other night and this is how they left.  I love these crazy little guys.  
I haven't been taking many pictures lately, but don't worry, I am making up for it today.