Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Addie and Garrett were outside playing with the bubbles.
 Been was playing with the bubbles too until he dumped the whole container on the ground.  I filled it back up for him and then he dumped it again, and then he was mad when I wouldn't fill it up again.
 Garrett was so excited about the bubbles.
 He was a man on a mission.
 Daddy got home just in time to show off the damage to his car.  He got hit on his way home from work.  Thankfully everyone was okay.  We are finding out now if we can fix it or if Jon gets to pick out a 'new' car.
 This is just a small glimpse into Garrett's day.  He loves to go into the pantry and pull everything off the shelves.  He learned from his big brother and when they both go in there I know I am in for it.  Garrett was so content I left him in there so that I could finish making dinner.

 Ice cream night at the Hilton's House.  For a while our family was a little obsessed with Tutti Frutti.  Ben will say "I have an idea, how about Tutti Frutti?"  and then he gets really excited like we are definitely going.  If it were up to Jon we would go every time Ben suggested it (every day), but we are trying to cut back on outings like that a little.  I picked up a thing of ice cream at the store and the kids seem just as happy with a few M & M s sprinkled on their ice cream.  We had also rented Puss in Boots for them to watch, they were so excited.
 Garrett got a little taste of ice cream,
 but he was more interested in the McD's apple pie that Daddy had.
 He is such a sweet boy, as long as he gets whatever food you may be eating.

 Puss in Boots and the ice cream were a big hit and it was a great way to close out our weekend.  I hope you are all having a great Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Muddy Day at the Park

When we got to the park yesterday I almost turned around, all I could see was mud.  But we were all dressed and out of the house and there and the kids needed to run around, so I decided I was just going to have to be okay with some muddy clothes.  
 I started out trying to keep Garrett clean by putting him in the swing, but he is such a busy boy that this didn't last very long.
 Ben was having so much fun driving the tractor,
 and climbing.
 Garrett wants to be like his big brother.  A
 Addie was having so much fun, we were the only people there and the park is huge so they just kept running from one thing to the next playing.
 I love how Addie has started doing her crazy poses whenever she sees the camera.
 Of course Garrett found water.
 I almost pulled him away,
 but he was having so much fun.
 It really wasn't much water and after he splashed for a minute he was happy and found something else to do.
 I was trying to get a picture of all three, that is getting harder and harder to do.
 Addie was putting on a show for her lion.  She loves to sing made up songs about how much she loves God and how much God loves her, I love it.
 Garrett was a crazy boy crawling every where and climbing anything he could get close to.
 Garrett managed to find a puddle and crawl right through it.
 His little baby tracks were so cute.
 Trying to drive like a big boy.
 I love this outfit on Ben.  He does not love it.  He screamed for 15 minutes after I put the vest on him.  Rolling on the floor, pulling on the vest and screaming.  It was not pretty, but I love how he looks and I wanted him to be warm enough so I left it on him.  I felt vindicated when a lady at a garage sale commented on how handsome Ben looked.
 Another crazy Addie pose.  We had some drama getting her ready to go, she said when she wears pig tails that people make fun of her.  She also has a very tender head so she screams like I am ripping her hair out when I try to do her hair.  As soon as I was done she stopped screaming, looked in the mirror and said "Cute" and I didn't hear another thing about it.
 I love these kiddos.
 My favorite pictures are still from behind because you can't see if they are looking at the camera, crying or scowling.
 More singing from Addie.
 The tractor was a big hit.
 I love this play ground.
 Such a sweet girl.  I let her do her crazy poses and finally got a sweet one.
 Garrett throwing a fit, when he doesn't get his way he lays himself down on the ground and rolls around and screams.
 This slide really wasn't that fast, but it made for a great picture.
 Two out of three looking at the camera, I call that a win.
 Garrett had to disrobe in the van, he was filthy.
 Ben was actually the cleanest of the three kids, but he still took off his socks and shoes.  I think he would go  barefoot all the time if we would let him.
 Addie stayed clean until she slipped and dove into a big muddy puddle.  Everyone got some pringles for a snack and we went home and had a great nap.
I have a saying in my laundry room "The best days usually end in the dirtiest clothes"  I think today was one of those days.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

 Addie and Ben were up early as usual, the unusual part is that I was up too!
  I gave them their Valentine's Day presents, a magnifying glass and binoculars and they were a hit.
 They wake up in such good moods, I am so glad they are morning people like their Daddy.
 Everyone was excited about breakfast, heart shaped pancakes, bacon and fruit. Yum.
 Bennett is a big fan of the strawberry milk I picked up too.  I thought the pink milk would round out the meal nicely.
 Addie likes to be a big girl and use her knife and fork to cut her pancakes.
 Addie all dressed in her Valentine's Day outfit.
 I added the ruffle to her jeans, I got the idea at the Urban Market this weekend.
 I was hot gluing her bow as she was walking out the door.
 Trying to recreate the picture from last Valentine's Day proved harder than I thought it would be.
 Unfortunately this was the best picture of all three of them.  How terrible is this?
 After I dropped off the kids at Mother's Day Out  and Preschool with all of their valentines I headed out for some great Mommy time.  I had a wonderful time at Hobby Lobby and then to T J Maxx.  The find of the day was this rug at T J Maxx.  I went to the University of South Carolina for college and I never seen USC gear here in Houston.
 Can you beat this price?  I was so excited to find this, Happy Valentine's Day to me!
 I also picked up this great lantern, I have wanted one and the price was right.
 I love good clearance days at T J Maxx, this great little mercury glass vase was only $1.
 Then it was time for dinner, this was my attempt at a heart shaped pizza.  Addie was quick to tell me that it didn't look like a heart, but I did try.
 Here is dessert, heart shaped rice krispie treats.  Addie and Ben were happy to eat some of their treats from their goody bags from school so Jon, Garrett and I had the rice krispie treats all to ourselves.  I don't know if that is a good thing or not.
 Here is my Valentine from Ben, I love all the hand print art, especially if I don't have to deal with the paint and clean up.
Here is Nannie's Valentine's Gift, unfortunately it is still on its way, so she hasn't seen it yet. 
I hope you all had a very happy Valentine's Day!