Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Garrett is such a big boy now, we turned his car seat around. He loves facing forward and being a part of the action.
Thank you Aunt Shana and Uncle James for the cool new clothes. Ben and Garrett were both showing off there outfits.
Ben is such a silly little boy, I love that he is finding his voice. He is using more and more words every day and it is so fun to see him interact with our family that is here visiting and his siblings.
After lunch we went to Bouncin Bears, usually we go to Bouncin Bears first and then lunch, but out schedule just didn't work that way this time.
Everyone had so much fun playing.
I think this is Daddy's favorite place too.
Can you see how red Addie's face is? These kids don't stop the whole time we are there.
Garrett loves the little slide they have for him.
Grandma and Poppa had fun helping him up and down the slide.

Of course Ben is infatuated with the riding cars that require extra money. He loves to just go and sit in them even if they are not moving. Last time we were there he made friends with a little boy and shared his ride with him. This time I caught him asking other grandparents for money and I had to apologize and have a talk with Ben.
Uncle Joe seemed to have fun with the kiddos.
If you can't tell that is Jon, Garrett, and Addie in that pile.
Extreme Close up!
Addie loves to wrestle.
Addie and her Daddy were picking on Uncle Joe.
She is such a little monkey, she loves to climb.
Ben finally got some money to spend in the vending machine and he came out with these bright pink fangs. He thought they were great.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
I love being able to set up a fun toy for the kids to see when they come down stairs. This year we got a train table for the boys.
The stockings were so full they couldn't go back on their hooks. Santa liked his chocolate chip cookies this year.
Nannie, GeeGee and Aunt Laura got the boys this great barn with a whole crew of animals to live in it. Addie got a suitcase for traveling.

Uncle Joe got the kids this great fort. We were calling it a dollhouse, but if it is a fort it works much better for all of the crazy toys we have around here. The kids are loving playing with all of their toys in the fort. When it warms up a little bit we are going to take it out and I am going to let the kids help me paint it.
The room is all ready for the kids the next morning.
Addie and Ben have been sleeping in Addie's room together and they have been waking up so early. Thankfully Grandma likes to wake up early too. She had a cell phone for each of them to play with and they were cuddled up on the couch.

Waking up Uncle Joe.
Our only family picture of the day, coming down the stairs. This has always been one of my favorite moments. I think I enjoy it as a mom even more than I did as a child. I hope it is as special for my children as my mom made it for me.
Breaking through the streamers was fun for everyone.
Garrett was in awe of the train table.
Addie loved the fish tank from Grandma and Poppa. They told us these are fish we can't kill
Addie's gift from Santa, I hope it is the Barbie Trainer Sea World that she has been talking about for MONTHS.
Garrett loved watching the fish too.
Yay, it was the Barbie trainer Sea World! Ben was excited for Addie too.
Ben got some Gerber Yogurt treats in his stalking. He ate the whole bag in one sitting.
Uncle Joe digging into his stocking.
Poppa trying out of one his new ties.
I got these skittles in my stocking. Jon thinks I am odd because I sort my skittles by color and eat them in a certain order. He thought this would be funny because the color does NOT match the flavor. I don't know if I can bring myself to eat them.
Hurray for new Gator gear. Hopefully they will have a better season next year. They are going to be playing at Texas A&M in September!
I love how Garrett sticks his tongue when he is concentrating.
Addie and Ben having a little snack from their giant tub of cheese puffs.
We had a pretty relaxing Christmas day just enjoying our new movies and time with family. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Tour

Just a little tour of the Christmas decorations in our home this year. Last year was a challenging Christmas season for me, with Garrett being born on the 15th and Addison and Bennett being so sick, I had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. This year I had so much fun decorating the house for all of our parties we hosted and guests we have had.
The garland with lights and the dangling ornaments over the breakfast nook window.
Our cookies for Santa plate.
The mantel, with all 5 stocking holders.

This is one of our favorite pieces of furniture. It is a huge corner cabinet that is now in our living room. I love how the garland and the red star make it feel so festive.
The presents are all wrapped and ready to go.
My little photographer, she was using her Poppa's camera to take pictures of our house, "So he will remember what it looks like." I think she is going to like her very own camera that she is getting in the morning.
A view of the fireplace and corner cabinet. You can also see all of the light up antlers and Santa hats.
This is my favorite decoration this year, and I think it has gotten the most attention from all of our guests. My mother has given me a Swarovski ornament every year for the past 10 years or so. They are beautiful ornaments, too beautiful to be put on the tree. This year my mom found this great display piece and it makes the perfect centerpiece. The ornaments are safely away from the crazies, but out where we can all enjoy their beauty. It is fun to see which design is each person's favorite.

I have had this nativity since I was a little girl. They have gotten a lot of love from my children as well.
More stars!

So many people have walked into our home and commented on this little guy. I love hearing people say that they had one when they were a kid. This is the same one I used when I was young, my mom found a second one to keep at home for my sister so I was able to take this one with me. I used to love moving that little mouse from day to day.
Our entry way, I had to add a second card holder, I LOVE all of the Christmas cards.
Even my craft room got a few decorations this year. My goal for next year is to have a theme for this tree and a little one upstairs. I never thought I would be a person with multiple trees, but it is just so much fun!

Merry Christmas
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