Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Big Project

Last week Nannie, GeeGee and Aunt Laura came into town. With them came Mondi and Pinot. Here are Ben and Mondi looking out the window together.
Garrett and GeeGee hanging out.
Aunt Laura and a naked Garrett.
GeeGee and Ben, I love little boys in their jammies.
Every one was ready for bed.
GeeGee drove all the way from Florida, they left at O dark thirty (really early) and my dad was a tired boy.
Aurt Laura did Addie's nails, pink with sparkles.

I love this picture of Ben.
Getting some puppy love from Mondi and Pinot.
Garrett has learned how to get onto his stomach, but is still working on rolling back.

Ben loves Pinot and Pinot loves EVERYONE! She is the sweetest dog.
Aunt Laura putting the finishing touches on Addie's nails.
This is our backyard before.
Here is GeeGee trying to get all of the pieces out of the boxes and sorted. Can you guess what he is building?
We took the kids out so that GeeGee could work without their 'help'. They didn't know what he was working on.
Aunt Laura, Nannie and I took them to the mall for some fun.
Uncle Chris came later that day and then Daddy got home from work. They are making some progress. Nannie and I even spent a little time wrestling with the slide.
Ben got to open his first present, it was from Nana and Uncle Bim. He loved his Elmo card and his new puppy.
Later that day we went to a local bouncy house place. We met some of our friends from church and the kids all had a great time. Here is Addie with her puppy that she got from Nana and Uncle Bim, her white puppy Chloe.
Ben has so much fun when we go to bounce.

Bouncing is tough work. Everyone was ready for a juice box break.

Garrett and Carson interacted for the first time. They are both 3rd children so they are usually just along for the ride. This was the first time we let them have a 'conversation'. Garrett tried to chew on his friends' bib, it was so cute. They will be running with the big kids soon.
When we got home we checked in on GeeGee and Uncle Chris's progress.

It was so hot the guys had to take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water and gatorade.
It's coming together.
Putting the swing bar in place took everyone's help.
Uncle Chris putting some screws in place.
Nannie and Aunt Rene doing their part.
Aunt Rene using the hammer.
Nannie had to make sure everything was level.
GeeGee's battle scar.

My Mom and I started the slide, but we let Jon finish it.

Everyone was hard at work that day. Here is Aunt Laura working on the amazing cake.

Addie and Aunt Laura in their matching jammies.

More to come in the next post, the birthday party, the finished product, the amazing cake. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this a fabulous weekend for our Kiddos.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fighting Fires

In our house there are lots of dress up clothes but most of them are pink and have ruffles. I have been on the look out for little man dress up clothes. I found this fire man outfit at a garage sale. Ben was looking at Addie's Rapunzel dress today so I thought I should show him his dress up clothes. I even tried to make a fire hose so he could pretend to spray Addie with water. It is still a little big so he didn't want to stay in it long, but he looked so sweet I just had to share.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Fun Weekend.

On Saturday we were supposed to go to the park with friends, but our kiddos slept too late. When they woke up we had to decide what to do with our Saturday night. We decided to head to the Woodlands and do some of the things we never let them do. We started out with dinner at Panera. Bennett does not like sitting in a high chair right now, he likes to eat on the run, coming back to the table for bites. It makes me crazy, but so does his screaming when we try to contain him. Here he is sharing some lemonade with Daddy.

Addie and I on the other side.
We stopped to take a look at the fountains. We had to say bye bye to the water while we walked away.
Next stop was the Disney store. When we got off the elevator Ben saw the signs for the Disney Store and he started running. It was so sweet. Here is Bennett hugging Lotso Huggin' Bear.
Then we were waiting in line for the Merry Go Round. Ben was shaking the bars of the fence like a crazy person.
Garrett was just hanging out during all of this fun. Unfortunately he is not old enough to do the fun things with Addie and Ben. I know his day is coming though.
Ben got distracted by all of the candy machines by the entrance to the merry go round.
Addie got tired of standing. Now that she has to walk instead of riding in the stroller her little legs get worn out.
Addie was so excited to ride the 'Horse that had a tail like a mermaid.' She started talking about this horse as soon as we said the words Merry go round. She had scouted this during a mall trip a couple of weeks ago.
Daddy joined in the fun with Addison and Bennett.
Next it was time for ice cream. Ben got chocolate with M&M's.
Addie got strawberry with rainbow sprinkles.
They both love ice cream and this time was no exception. They were covered in it.
Daddy had peanut butter with Butterfinger and he seemed to like his too. I helped the kiddos with their ice cream when they were done.
This is from this morning. Jon was trying to read and drink his coffee, but he had some helpers.
He is a very talented man.
Here is little Garrett, he looked so handsome in his little man jeans and I love these sneakers. They were Bennett's and they have always been one of my favorite things. We have had another fun weekend.