Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

This morning while I checked my email Ben decided to rearrange the pantry for me. He learned how to open doors and he had gotten himself in and shut the door. I spent several panicked minutes running around the house trying to find him before I finally discouvered him chewing his way through the plastic on a package of crackers.

He was telling me all about it.

We met some friends at the park today. It was a perfect spring day and we all had fun visiting with our friends. Here is Addie with her friend Solomon. The conversations these two have together are hilarious.

Addie had gone inside and Ben wanted to go with her, and then he got mad at me for taking his picture.

This is my favorite pose fo the kids, they always look so sweet when you can't see their faces.

Our Cats

Before Garrett was born we decided to add to our family with a couple of cats. I have never blogged about them, but I saw them snoozing this week and thought I would take some pictures of them.

We were looking for kittens, but we ended up finding a momma cat and her kitten. They are now Hazel (the mom).

Tabitha (the baby)
Jon does pretty much all of the care of the cats, litter box, feeding, flea treatments. He is my hero. The kids like the cats, but have not really mastered being gentle and calm around them. The cats have figured out where to hide when things get crazy around here.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and 2 Doctors Appointments

I had the joy of taking all three kids with me to the doctor on Thursday.

We were there for Ben's 21 month well baby and a follow up for Garrett.

We all had fun waiting in the tiny little room.

On our way in someone asked me if Addie and Ben were twins. Addie is weighing in at 33.6 pounds and Ben is tipping the scales at 29.6 pounds. Ben's feet are only 1 size smaller than Addie's too.

The big kids both got lollipops for being relatively good.

Garrett was still a happy boy when we left.

Ben was loving his lollipop.

Addie is our little acrobat.

Garrett smiles so much. I love his sweet spirit.


Last weekend Jon and I stopped for a latte and we picked up donuts for the kiddos. Ben was very excited to see his chocolate donut.

Addie loves donuts with pink icing.

Garrett's 'snack'. He has finally found his thumb and he is loving it.

Our little Army man. This is a sweet sleeper that old Army friends sent us. I love the boots.

Friday, March 11, 2011

10 on 10: March 2011

Take a picture for ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of each month. Document the beauty in every day life!

8 AM Bennett is our late sleeper. Addie is coming into our room to ask for breakfast around 5:30 these days, but Ben we have to wake up around 8 or 8:30 most days.

9 AM Got the big kids dropped off at school and Garrett is our for his morning nap.

10 AM Sleeping Garrett and I made a quick trip to the library. Here are a couple of the books we picked out to share with his brother and sister.

11 AM Back to Addie's school for Rodeo! She looked so cute doing the barrel racing and calf roping.
Noon A surprise visit from Daddy for a lunch date and we were all having a great day.

1 PM After I left rodeo day I had just enough time for a quick Kroger trip. The best deal of the day was Charmin for $1.99!

2 PM Bennett's class didn't get to participate in rodeo day, but they did get to make chocolate chip cookies. His teachers took a picture of him helping stir and sent that home with some of the finished product. Yum!

3 PM All three kiddos down for a nap at the same time. I was able to catch up with my mom and my friend Cariann. It is always nice to get to chat without background noise. I get a couple of days a week when all the schedules line up and I get some free time.

4 PM Watching their post nap movie. Lately we have been alternating between Bolt and Aladin.

5 PM Daddy had a working dinner so the kids and I had frozen pizza and broccoli. Ben has become even more attatched to his blanket, aka night night.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random pictures of our week

Jon going over his Sunday School lesson with Garrett before church.

Gettin the little man clean.

All the kiddos ready for bed. They love listening to Jon read Bible stories.