Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Favorite Photo

As we were on our way to Florida I was so excited about all the fun we were going to have, all the memories we were going to make and all the pictures I would get to capture.
I was very excited about trying to take this picture. I knew it would be a challenge to get everyone in, but I am so happy with how it turned out. I love all of the little feet in our circle, we are such a blessed family.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Photos

We started taking family pictures the first year that Jon and I were married. We were with the Hilton's for Christmas and Josiah had just been born that year. We have come a long way in the last 7 years. I love this picture. I bought a remote for my camera and borrowed a tripod from my mom and they made this process so much easier than just using a self timer.
James and Shana and their family.
Our family, unfortunately Ben was not in a picture taking mood.
Pat and Es.
Grandma and Poppa and all of the grand kiddos.
All of the grandkids.

Jonathan and the boys.
James and Si
The Hilton Ladies.
The boys have a picture like this back from High School. It has become tradition that we take this shot whenever we are at the beach.
The Boys and their Mom.

Es holding Garrett and the bribe that we used for all of the big kids.
James, Ansley and Shana
Addie was done taking pictures.
The Hilton Men
I had so much fun taking pictures this week, and there are A LOT more. I hope you enjoyed getting a peak into our vacation.

Uncle Joe Ate the Fish

Cape San Blas

After two weeks at my parents house with a pool in the backyard we headed to Cape San Blas for a week with the Hilton family. This is our beach house in the background. We were so close to the beach, it was amazing.
Garrett and Ansley meeting for the first time. They are the babies of each family.
All of the girls. I love these pictures. This was one of the best trips for Addie, Haley and Gracie. They are getting to an age where they play together so well and really seem to have fun.
Shana was very happy to be on vacation.
Es trying out one of his toys. It was a little off center, but it was still fun.
There were tons of fish and the girls were having fun checking them out.
James with Haley and Gracie.
At the beginning of the week Jon and I thought that spray sun screen would be enough, we were wrong. I was the one that sprayed his back the day before and I felt terrible, but not so bad that I would miss taking a picture.
Every afternoon during nap time Shana and I headed down to the beach for some sun, girl talk and a walk down the beach. This has become a tradition for us and I look forward to it every time we get together at the beach.
Poppa getting some snuggle time with Garrett.
Sweet little Ansley. I made this bow for her and it was small enough it actually stayed in her hair, for about a minute.
Grandma and Garrett.
Josiah is getting so grown up.
There was a lot of playing with cell phones this week. These kids are all so technologically savvy.
We cooked every night, partly because our family is so big it would cost a fortune to take every out, and partly because there is no where to go! These were our steak kabobs one night, they were delicious.
Garrett LOVED the ocean. He wanted to get down and swim, it was so cute. Jon was taking a picture of us and just happened to catch this jumping fish in the background.
Addie helping Poppa fish.
Checking out a big fish this time.
James and Si getting the fishing stuff ready.
Si has started football practices and he was doing some push ups. Ben got down and was doing push ups with him, it was so sweet.
I love Ansley's little ruffles on her bathing suit. Watching her walk around the beach still a little unsteady was so precious.
We had a great week at the beach, with 14 people in a 4 bedroom house it was kind of a tight squeeze, but we made a lot of wonderful memories.

The Storm and the Sailboat

This is my father in law's sail boat.
It is not very big, but the big boys and the kids had lots of fun going out on it. They would pull it out of the water at night and just leave it on the beach. Jon took Addie and Ben out and they had so much fun.
One afternoon when all of the kids were sleeping Es (FIL) and Joe (BIL) took the boat out. They were going to sail down to a point and meet Jon and James (BIL) so they could sail back to the house. Shana, my sister in law, and I had been out sitting on the beach and saw a storm coming. We talked to our husbands about not going, but they said if the storm hit they would just pull the boat out and go back for it later. I thought this picture was really neat, you can see the storm passing by our beach house.
Here is the sail boat as the storm caught up with it.
To the right of the beach house, you couldn't even see the storm.
They were doing okay sailing, but the wind was working against them and they weren't able to make it back in.
And then I was taking this picture. I hate that it is so blurry, but that was not my biggest concern at the moment. The storm had caught up with them and blown them right over.
This was a very scary moment for me. I knew the guys weren't wearing life jackets and I didn't know if they were okay. I ran inside, dropped off my camera and told Shana what had happened. Thankfully my mother in law, Pat, was still taking a nap so she didn't have to worry.
At this point I took off running for the beach. The storm was just moving in so the water was pretty rough and it was starting to rain. When I got to the beach I couldn't see what was going on out in the water so I grabbed one of the life vests that we had down at the beach, it was a child size, but I thought it was better than nothing. I swam out to the boat and thankfully they were both okay. They had tied all of their gear down so they hadn't lost anything. I grabbed of their sunglasses and hats so they had their hands free to try and get the boat right side up. Thankfully a flood of men came out of their beach houses in the middle of the storm to help them. It took everyone to get the boat going again and then they had to take the boat back out and just ride out the storm. Shana and I watched the whole thing while we prayed for everyone's safety. It doesn't seem like that big a of a deal now, but at the time it was terrifying.
This whole time Jon and James were driving up and down the beach looking for the boat since they didn't meet them. They were getting ready to call the Coast Guard until they finally came home and saw the boat safely up on the beach. It is a running joke in our family about what bad luck the guys have with boats and this would NOT have been the first time they had to call the Coast Guard.
We are all so thankful that everyone was okay and I am thankful to finally have pictures to document their boating misadventures.

Monday, July 25, 2011


My watermelon eating kiddos, I love summertime.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hilton Family Adventure

We had an amazing week at the beach with all of the Hilton Family. I took so many pictures that I am a little overwhelmed right now, but here is our family shot from this year.

I love this family so much!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Final Thoughts

We have done a lot of playing, swimming, eating, and having fun while we have been here at Nannie and GeeGee's house. We are so lucky to have family that we can come and enjoy so much time with.
Aunt Laura and I were having a little water fight.
Ben and Addie were having so much fun splashing. Mondi of course was there to watch over everything.

Ben had fun riding on my back while I swam. Both of the kids have gotten so brave in the water.
Garrett has been eating a lot more solid foods. He is the first of our children to like avocado.
Pinot loves to just sit with people. She is at her happiest when she is cuddled up getting some love. Addie and Pinot have become great friends and now Addie is telling everyone that she is getting a Pomeranian, we will see.
Ben, Pinot, and Aunt Laura getting a cuddle.
One of many breakfasts we ate at the bar.
Addie was singing and dancing in the rain. She loves using an umbrella.
Ben has had some crazy 2 year old fits while we have been here. He threw a major fit while we were on a walk the other day. He ended up falling asleep in the stroller, Garrett fell asleep too, but he wasn't throwing a fit.
Garrett finally got to get in the water. Between his surgery and the blazing sun we hadn't gotten him in the water yet. He loved it so much. He kicked his legs and splashed with his arms, it was so fun to watch.
When we finally got him out his little feet were so pruny. He didn't fuss at all though, he was so happy to be in the water.

We are really going to miss Nannie and GeeGee and Aunt Laura, but we are already planning our trip back for next summer, that helps. I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as we are enjoying ours. Our next week will be at the beach with all of Jon's family, it is going to be a little bit crazy and a lot of fun, I will have lots of pictures to share.