Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank you Nana and Uncle Bim

Bennett opening his gift, yes, pants are optional in our house most of the time.
A new tractor! And it makes noise, even better.
Nana knows her way to the kids' heart, killer whales. This is a pillow case that Nana made for Addie. She has slept on it every night.
Gare Bear opening his quilt.
Addie LOVES her purse. She has filled it with toys, including her toy cell phone, and carries it with her everywhere. She whips out her cell phone periodically and pretends to talk to her friends. She had the ladies at church this morning just cracking up.
Garrett checking out his new quilt, it coordinates nicely with his brother's quilt and their room decor.
Ben got a killer whale pillow case too! He is excited, I promise, he just gets overwhelmed.
Me with my new purse checking out Addie's new Rapunzel book.
Nannie feeding Garrett, this boy can put away some food right now.
Aunt Laura and Addie in their matching green.
Ben trying out the light up reindeer antlers. Nannie brings the most fun things.
Jon with his gift from Nana and Uncle Bim, a Miami Dolphins mug. He loves it and it is so cute, whenever the kids see anything Miami Dolphins related they start singing the song. They had fun tormenting GeeGee who is a Dallas Cowboys fan.
Garrett rocking out on his guitar. This guitar was a big hit with all the kids. We woke up to it over the baby monitor at 5:45 the other morning, Ben was going to town.
Thank you Nana and Uncle Bim for all of the treasures. We feel so loved!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Play Date Fun

We got to have a play date today with some of our friends. Ethan and Ben are almost the same age and they have so much fun together.
Addie and Noah were in the same preschool class last year. Noah and Ethan have a new baby brother at home, so they came to our house for a little while to play and let their mommy have a little break.
The kids were all being very silly. Of course my two were the silliest.
Garrett had noodles for lunch.

He loves to eat and he loves noodles.

Garrett liked his noodles so much he decided to try and eat his plate.

After lunch we all went outside to burn off more energy. Ben and Ethan play really well together, especially since they are 2 two year old boys.
Addie being silly with Noah
Ethan having fun on the swing.
Garrett was taking it all in.
Gare Bear loves to be one of the big kids now. Earlier today he crawled all the way out to the bottom of the slide and was having fun with Addie and Ben.
We had so much fun playing with our friends!

My Little Mommy and Little James Bond and my Little Happy Man

Addie has started to play mommy lately. She is so sweet with her baby, she put her doll cradle next to her bed so that her baby could sleep next to her and she had me hold her baby the other day so she could pick up her toys, I love it.
The kids were all dressed for church and I wanted some pictures. Ben wanted to use his water gun, thankfully it was empty.
I LOVE his little tie. I think he looked just like a little James Bond with his gun and his handsome outfit.
He is such a sweet little boy. He actually left the tie on all through church.
Gare Bear was all ready for church too.
He is so happy, even though he got chewed up by the mosquitoes the night before.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was Addie's Thanksgiving feast at school. Last year I didn't go to Addie's Thanksgiving Feast and Addie let me know afterward that it was a mistake. This year Jon and I made sure we were there. Garrett was very excited to be able to go this year.
We were so happy to be there this year because the kids did a little show.
The kids were such good listeners. The show they did was so cute. I am having trouble getting the video uploaded, but I will keep trying.
Garrett had a great time watching the performance, but he got very upset when Jon put him on the ground. I think it had to do with his super cute boots that he was wearing, I don't think they were that comfortable. He can work up tears faster than any of our other children.
Addie was so happy to see her daddy.
My two little indians, I wanted to get a picture of them together, but Ben wouldn't let Addie stand very close to her and they would not smile. Can you tell it is nap time? They are both taking great naps right now.
We are so excited for Thanksgiving this year. Addie wrote on her placemat at school that she is Thankful for her family. I love it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11 Months

Our little Gare Bear is already 11 months old, I can't believe that I am planning his first birthday in just a couple of weeks. He is crawling all over the place, he loves to sneak up the stairs, he has 5 teeth, but people usually only see the bottom 2 that stick out. He loves his brother and sister, but he does not like loud noises, sometimes those two do not mix. He waves bye bye and blows kisses. He is the sweetest little boy I could imagine.

Here is my little man helping me at my shop. I sold a bench so I needed to rearrange and when I put Garrett down he made a beeline for the mirrors and had a good ole' time.
At one point he was kissing the baby, it was so cute, except I didn't have my windex with me. Hopefully the shoppers will appreciate the extra love.
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes this week, I felt so special.
I now have a blog dedicated to my creations and finds at There is a facebook page too.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa Already

This weekend we went to Old Town Spring to see them light their Christmas tree. It was so much fun to spend time in one of our favorite places with good friends. Santa was there taking pictures so we decided to go ahead and try it out, even though the kids were not dressed in Christmas outfits. I am glad we had a practice shot because I think we are going to try again. This picture will be going into Garrett's baby book though, his look is priceless.
If you are in the Spring area this Santa at Old Town Spring is great. They took this picture for us and emailed it to us for only $2.00 or you can use your own camera for $2.00.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sweet Girl

I love Addie's developing sense of style. There are some days that I have a hard time letting her pick out her own clothes, but most days it is just so entertaining. Addie loves this dress that my mom got for her last year. I helped her pick out the sweater, it is a handmade sweater from my Great Grandma Amy. My great grandmother made so many sweaters and I love they are still keeping the children of our family warm.
Could she be any cuter?

10 on 10 November 2011

8 AM Addie loves our little video camera, I think she can work it better than I can. She was showing Garrett a video we made months ago, she was making a funny noise and he was laughing at her. They both started laughing when they watched it again.
Garrett took the video camera away from Addie, he was ready to play with it. We learn technology early in this house.
9 AM At the Doctor's Office waiting for our flu mist/shots.
10 AM We were at Dunkin Donuts for our post flu mist donut treat, but I forgot my wallet at home. I felt so bad, Addie and Ben were so good at the doctor's office, and we were all ready to get our treat and I had no money. I did have my check book with me, but no one takes checks any more. Everyone was a little disappointed, and now I am ready for a donut.
11 AM we had some friends come over and play and I forgot to get my camera out. Trying to make sure Ben doesn't hit any one with his plastic bat is a full time job.

12 Lunch Time!
1 PM My favorite time of the day, Nap time! Ben and his Night-night, he is so sweet when he goes to sleep.
This little guy is pretty sweet too, he prefers the blankets with more of a satin feel.
2 PM We re arranged the house last month to give me a dedicated craft room/office. This is a project I have been working on and I am pleased with how it turned out. It has already helped with the clutter tremendously. It also helps to keep all of the scissors up away from the little people. I love getting stuff done during nap time!

3 PM Garrett is up from his nap, but still hanging out in his sleep sack. I love this one on one time with him.
4 PM The big kids are STILL asleep. This is pretty normal for Ben, but Addie hardly ever sleeps any more so she was very tired to sleep for 4 hours. How cute is this little guy's grin? He does have 3 top teeth, you just can't see them when he smiles.

5 PM Everyone is up and I am cooking dinner, and I forgot to take a picture. It is probably best I didn't get a picture, it is usually chaos during that time.

6 PM Daddy is home from work! We all enjoyed a yummy cheesy enchilada casserole. Everyone ate it and liked it.

Can you see all of the beautiful artwork behind me? Addie and Ben both paint regularly at school. If you ask Ben what he did today he says "I paint". Jon has learned that it doesn't matter what Ben actually did that day, that is his answer.

We ended our day with a trip to our favorite place, Tutti Frutti! Jon had a big presentation at work today that he has been preparing for for weeks. It went well and he was in a mood to celebrate, the kids and I were happy to join him.