Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Playdate

We had our Easter Playdate today at our friend David's house. There was a good turn out and Addie, Ben and I all had a great time.

We had a little Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard. Addie remembered doing this last year so she was ready to go get some eggs. She was a good big sister and helped find some for Ben too.
Looking hard.

Addie and Ben sharing.

Our happy little man.

This was our group today. We had three tiny babies here today, they were so precious. The big kids all played well together, and everyone enjoyed their chocolate. We had so much fun.

Nap Time Battle

On days that Addie goes to school she usually sleeps while she is there. This week she didn't nap at school and by the time we got home she had decided she didn't want to take a nap. She really needs nap time and so do I so I put her in her room for nap time. She played and read books and would not sleep. I finally let her get up and she was eating her snack in the kitchen. I went upstairs to check my email and things got really quiet downstairs. I came down and I thought Addie had escaped. I started to panic a little until I saw this.

It was already 5:30 by the time she fell asleep so I started fixing dinner. She didn't wake up for almost 30 minutes. It was so cute, but thankfully she napped just fine in her bed today. I am not ready to let go of nap time for Addie yet.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy Pancakes

Jon has been doing breakfast time at our house for the last couple of weeks. He gets up with both kids before he goes to work and feeds them so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. He really is the best husband ever. This morning he had to leave early for work so I was back on breakfast duty. Addie saw me up this morning and when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, of course, "Pancakes".
I got Ben settled into his chair with his usual banana and cheerios. He was watching me cook and he started to get very excited. I made Addie's pancakes, Mickey Mouse with a chocolate chip face, and then Ben started screeching at me for one of his own. I made a little pancake and gave it to him. He was so excited, he ripped into the pancake. I went to snap a picture and realized it was upstairs so I ran up to get it. By the time I got back downstairs the pancake was over halfway gone. He ate the whole thing and wanted more. Here is a picture of him digging into the second pancake. He was so excited, it was precious.

And here is Addie enjoying her pancakes.

When I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes I realized that Ben ate more than Addie and I both. I knew boys ate more, but I really had no idea. I am going to enjoy cooking for my hungry little man.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A fun Story Time Playdate

Our play date this week was at our friend Sarabeth's house. Katie is a librarian and since she was on Spring Break she came and read the kiddo's some stories. She was very brave trying to wrangle the attention of 4 little girls. She did a great job and we all had a lot of fun. Thank you to April for hosting!

Katie reading a story to the girls.

April with Baby Nathan. This is Sarabeth's new little brother.

Katie taking a turn holding baby Lexa. She is Ellie's new baby sister.

All of the big girls. Addie, Audrey, Sarabeth, and Ellie. The girls all played together pretty well. Addie and Sarabeth spent their usual amount of time antagonizing each other.

This was Addie on the way home. It was lunch time and nap time so I was very surprised to get a grin out of her. She has been bringing these two babies with her everywhere. She got them for Christmas and loved them when she got them. For some reason she has decided they are her favorite toy this week. I love having a 2 year old. Things are never boring with her.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know this post is late, but I am finally feeling better so I am trying to catch up on everything.

We stopped at McD's the other day so that I could get a drink and Addie asked for an ice cream. She asked so sweetly I agreed. I handed her the ice cream and she just held it. I asked her if she was going to eat it and she no. I was confused at this point so I asked why not. She said she had to pray first. She proceeded to pray for all of her family, her day, and then her ice cream with out any help from me. When she was done she said 'Amen'. Then she was so excited because she had remembered all the words. It was so sweet.

After nap time we went outside to the back yard for a little photo shoot. Here are our little munchkins in green!

Bennett has been crawling more and more. He is learning where the fun things are in the house. He got into the pantry the other day and knocked over all of our beverages. He had a great time.

The Zoo

Last week we were able to go to the Zoo with several of our friends. It was a beautiful, windy day.

Addie and her friend Nick.

Bennett and Nick's little sister, Adalee, stuck in the stroller.

Addie checking out the giraffe.

Krystal, Nick and Adalee looking at the monkeys.

Ashley, Hunter, and Grace looking at the monkeys too.

Katrina and Camden, aren't they so sweet?

Hunter and Addie smiling for a picture.

The kids climbing like monkeys, looking at monkeys.

Grace and Addie found a turtle.

Everyone riding the train, everyone that is excpet Ben and I. He decided to fall asleep just before we got to the train so he and I stayed with the strollers and took pictures.

I love Adalee's bows. Doesn't she look like she is having fun?

We had a great time!

Bennnett 9 months and Silly Addie

At the beginning of this month Bennett his 9 months! He has two teeth, he is crawling all over the place. Here is his picture at 9 months.

And here is a picture that Addie is going to hate me for one day, but that is what mom's are for. Addie put this bag on her head and started dancing the other day. Jon and I were cracking up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Mommy Gets Sick

This is going to be a post with no pictures, I know, I think it is a first for me. It has been an interesting day for our family.

Last week my allergies started to act up and I got very congested. By Sunday I was in so much pain, I felt like I had been punched in the eye and my teeth hurt too much to chew. On Monday I made a doctor's appointment for myself, packed up snacks for both kids and headed out. Taking 2 under 2 to a doctor's appointment is not fun, thankfully the doctor was able to talk loud and ignore Addie, and reach around Ben to listen to my breathing. I left the appointment with a prescription and hope of relief. We decided to meet Daddy for lunch so we went and ate some chicken wings and played games. On the way home I got my prescription filled and then put two very tired kiddos down for their naps. I was really looking forward to Jon coming home and helping me with the kids so I could relax and start to recover. He called earlier than he said he would and I was so excited, until I answered the phone and he said he was coming home early because he didn't feel good. He still did the dishes for me while I ran out to get him some medicine. He had a very rough night so I slept in the guest room so I could listen for the kids and he wouldn't have to hear the monitor. I didn't hear anything from either of the kids all night, but when I went in to get Addie she had gotten sick in the night too. When I walked into her room she asked "What's that?" and pointed to the mess on her bed. Awesome. She was in a great mood though and said she felt much better. I started cleaning up her room and got everything into the washing machine and then fixed breakfast. I felt so bad for the little thing, she was such a good sport about the whole thing. Jon came out and said he was feeling better, but still pretty puny. He is home and resting for the day, but trying to keep his distance from the kids so he doesn't pass anything back. It is very easy for me to get frustrated at times like this and wish that he had been able to be more help. I did get a chance to check my email and Facebook this morning and when I did I saw that Jon's old Army unit in Iraq left for another year long deployment yesterday. That was a very sobering thought for me. It made me realize how happy I am to have him home to take care of. Thankfully my anitbiotics are working and I am feeling much better today. Addie and Ben are both feeling great and Jon and I will have some extra time together this afternoon, even if we are just sitting on the couch.
I know this isn't my usual style of post, but I feel so lucky to be at home today with my sick husband and kiddos. All of our Army friends are in our prayers as so many of them are leaving or have already left. I hope everyone stays healthy and has a Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bedtime Giggles

Jon was getting ready to read a story to the kids when Addie asked "What'd you say?" Jon started pretending to whisper and the kids thought it was hilarious, especially Ben. I am so glad I caught this moment on film.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our little photographer

Addie picked up our camera, our older smaller one, and wanted to take a picture. She knew what she was doing, and took this picture completely unassisted. It is a little crooked, but I thought it was pretty good.

This week Bennett has started crawling and pulling himself up onto his knees. He loves standing, but can't quite get himself there. I helped him stand up at the park and he thought it was pretty fun.

Ben was loving the swing.

Addie driving the car and it looks like she is yelling at someone, imagine that.