Friday, February 18, 2011

Macy's Denim Deal

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, , I heard about Macy's Denim deal. The idea is that you get a $10 store credit when you purchase anything denim. This works out the best when you are able to find items on clearance. Garrett and I went out for a quick trip last night while Jon stayed with the older kiddos.
I had so much fun! I found 4 pairs of women's jeans, 2 pairs of boys jeans, 1 pair of girls jeans, a polo and pajamas for Ben. I got all of this for $26.07! All of the items were originally valued at $260.92. I still have a $10 credit that I wasn't able to use, Garrett was done shopping so I called it a night and will go back another time and find something for Jon.

The first transaction I did was so pleasant, the lady that helped me was so excited that I was getting such a good deal. The woman that helped in the children's section did everything she could to make it an absolutely miserable experience. I try to be a nice couponer, but she started arguing with me about wether or not she had given me my store credit. I ended up talking to a wonderful manager and got everything taken care of. It was worth it to stick with it to get these great deals.

2 Months

Our little Garrett has been with us now for 2 months. He is such an easy going little boy. Addie and Ben love him so much and can't wait until he can play more, they love to give him kisses. Garrett is a good eater and is doing pretty well sleeping.

We haven't had him weighed in the last two weeks, but I think he is up over 12 pounds.

He has the sweetest little smile, I love it.

I don't dress him up as much as I did the other kids, there are days he does leave the house in his pajamas. I do love his little man outfits though.

Monday, February 14, 2011

7 Years Ago

7 years ago Jon proposed. We were both in college at the time and he had come to visit me. We were able to go to a Military Ball that night and Jon wore his West Point uniform. Doesn't he look handsome?

Here is Valentine's Day this year.

I hope you are all having a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Produce Co-Op

We have been able to join a local produce co-op and I am having so much fun. We go and pick up a basket every other week and it is so exciting to see what we are going to get. This week I was able to help sort the food into the baskets which is fun too.

Here are all our goodies. It is fun to plan our menu around all of this great produce and try to use it up. I am so excited about all the great stuff we got this week!

10 on 10: February 2011

10 on 10: February 2011
What you do: Take a photo once an hour for ten consecutive hours on he tenth of each month. Document a snapshot of your life and find beauty among the ordinary things in your day.

My friend Jen does this every month and I always look forward to seeing what her day looks like with her son, they always look like they are having so much fun.

8 AM
At this point Addie was dressed for school and Garrett was still asleep, Ben was somewhere in the middle watching cartoons in his jammies.

9 AM
The big kids are supposed to be at school at 9, but we were just pulling out of the drive way. It has been pretty chilly here(chilly for southeast Texas) so everyone is bundled up.

10 AM
Garrett and I were out running errands. He is a pretty good shopper right now, especially when he looks like this.

11 AM
Still running errands, Target is one of my favorite stores to wander around. Today I got an awesome deal on cereal, 4 boxes for $4.50.

Little man was happy after getting some lunch.

1 PM
I ate my lunch and then I had one of my favorite snacks right now. I love my coupon shopping, I was able to get this almost free!

2 PM
This is what it looks like for me to go and drop off or pick up the kids. I love my stroller though because it fits through any door I have tried to get it through. All of you getting ready to have your second baby I would highly recommend it. The City Mini Double by Baby Jogger.

3 PM
All of the kiddos were asleep or in their beds and I had a little bit of down time. I am working on a project for a friend and I really need to finish it and trying to work on it with the kids 'helping' me is never very productive.

4 PM
Ben had taken a good nap at school so he didn't fall asleep like he usualy does at home. I went and got him up before the other kids woke up and we had some fun silly time. I love his little smile.

5 PM
Addison and Bennett both had Valentine's Day parties today which means lots of candy. I let Ben have a sucker, that would be the mess dripped down the front of his shirt. He is upset in this picture because I wouldn't open another sucker for him.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love Pictures

I love taking pictures of my children. They change so much every day and I love to be able to look back.
This is our littlest man all ready for church on Sunday. Ben wore this same outfit and I can't believe that Ben was ever that small.

Trying to get a picture of the boys together.

Addie loves to have her picture taken right now, any time I have the camera out I have to take a picture of her.

Ben did not like it when Garrett was touching him.

Daddy's turn.

These pictures are from Wednesday morning. Addie and Ben were so excited to say good morning to Garrett and Garrett seemed pretty happy to see them too. He smiles a little more each day and it is just so precious.

These three keep me on my toes. Ben always points out Garrett's nose, but when I hear Ben saying "Eyes, Eyes" I know it is time to rescue Garrett.

These are from Wednesday too. Ben put the hat on himself and then he wanted me to put him on the horse. I know he will not be happy with me one day for taking this picture, but he was having lots of fun at the time.

Addie got up there with him for a quick picture, I love it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturdays are so much fun!

Saturdays have been so much fun for me lately. With all of the time that Jon had to spend away from Addie and I when she was little, these relaxing mornings together are exactly what I thought they would be.
Here is Ben trying out his brother's bouncy seat. It bends back so far when he gets in it almost touches the floor.

Addie dancing a little bit in her snazzy leopard print jammies.

Addie and I posing for a quick picture in our matching jammies.

Jon Skyped with is parents this morning. The kids had so much fun seeing Grandma and Pawpaw.

Ben was kind of in a bad mood this morning, he has learned the word 'No' and uses it quite a bit.

We vacuumed today so we had picked everything up off the floor. Addie climbed in with all of her stuffed animals and called it her nest while she watched a movie.

Garrett snuggled up for a little nap while I checked my email.

Our next Saturday activity, lunch at CFA "Chick Fil A". The kids love to go and play. Addie told me she made a new friend today. I love our outgoing little girl.

Our last stop today was at Lowe's. Both kids love to 'drive'.

We are lookging forward to a fun day at our house tomorrow watching the Superbowl with all of our friends!