Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nannie and GeeGee

Last weekend Nannie and GeeGee drove out for a quick visit. Garrett was very excited to get to spend some time with them.
We all enjoyed Nannie making yummy breakfasts for us. Hurray for homemade waffles!
All the kids got new Gators shirts too.
Addie found this sucker that I had hidden and she really wanted to dig in.
On Monday we ended up at Bouncin' Bears. This is one of the kids favorite places to go.
Garrett is so little he was in danger of getting run over so GeeGee put him up on his shoulders.
Garrett loved the view from up there.
Garrett did get to come down and play, he had so much fun.
We saw Ben occasionally, when he would run past us.
Nannie kept a lookout on one side of this inflatable so that Garrett could play.
She got Ben on one of his trips running by us.
Ben going down a little slide.
Garrett wanted to try out the slide, he loved it. He kept trying to climb back up the slide. He ended up going down this slide at least 10 times.
After lunch we stopped to get the kids some pumpkins. Nannie wanted the kids to get a good sized pumpkin each.
Addie wanted a smaller pumpkin that she could carry.
And Ben wanted to play in the dirt.
And then he saw this pumpkin that had already been smashed and he was very interested.
In the end everyone got a pumpkin and we headed home.
Thank you to Nannie and GeeGee for coming to visit us! We had so much fun.

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