Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Swimmer Girl

Swim meets in Texas are HOT!  Nannie was trying to keep the kiddos cooled down with some shaved ice.  They all looked like little birds waiting for their turn.  
Addie has enjoyed swimming this year, she has made great improvements this season, but she still gets nervous before her races.
 Can you tell we are all warm, look at those red faces!
Addie's turn to do her backstroke.  The first time she tried to do backstroke in a race a coach had to jump in and help her.  
 Addie did the whole race without touching a lane line.  We were so proud of all her hard work.  
This week was our divisional meet.  We were lucky enough to have Nannie here again this week.  Addie was spoiled and got a new pair of goggles.
 She also got a tag for her goggles, a killer whale of course.  
 Look at that little ringlet, I love it.  
 These are all the 6 and under girls waiting on the ready bench.  
 Time for freestyle!  She went the whole length of the pool on her own!
 Ben cheered so loud for Addie, it was precious.  
 Another treat from Nannie, tattoos for all the kiddos.  
 Ben was so excited to get his dolphin tattoo. 
 This might be my favorite picture right now.
 Even the little man got a tattoo.  He looks like a little sailor to me.  
I can't believe this season is over already.  I am so proud of our little swimmer and how much she improved this year.  

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