Wednesday, July 4, 2012


To you ever get your camera out and find random pictures that you have taken and not done anything with?  This morning I pulled my camera out to document our 4th of July fun and I found these images.  I am going to try and catch up with these so I am ready to unleash all of our patriotic fun later today, or tomorrow.

Nannie reading a story her last night here. 
 Nannie's parting gift to us was an arsenal of water guns.  
 Garrett was getting Nannie with one of them.  
 Garrett doesn't quite understand how a water gun works though.  He spent most of the time shooting himself.  
 The toppings for our tacos one night this week for dinner.  I thought they were pretty.  Tacos have been a challenge for me since I can't use cheese or sour cream on them.  I have found that avocado helps add in the creaminess that I miss and cilantro and lime add so much extra flavor I don't miss all of my cheesey friends.  
 We have been making many trips to the pool again this year.  The boys were heading to the pool with Daddy the other night and this is how they left.  I love these crazy little guys.  
I haven't been taking many pictures lately, but don't worry, I am making up for it today.  

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