Friday, December 20, 2013

Traffic, Antiques, Ice skating, and Crepes

This week we were lucky enough to have our friend Mr. Pat come and visit us.  He had a request from his mom to check out a few shops in downtown Paris and we were happy to help him complete this mission. 
We sat in traffic for about an hour, the gridlock here is something spectacular to watch.

We made it to the Rue Saint-Paul and we were able to visit a couple of shops.  These signs were all over the place, enticing me to come back this weekend.

After shopping and lunch we made our way back to the Hotel de Ville and fulfilled Addie's request, ice skating.

Malachi was a trooper today, he was happy to ride in his car seat so I didn't have to carry all 16 pounds of love.

Ben did a fantastic job skating today.

Addie had a blast.  A fun thing happened while we were there, we saw a teacher from Addie's school.  I always feel like I am settling into a new place when I run into someone I know while I am out.  I never imagined I would see people I know in downtown Paris.

Daddy had as much fun as the kids, he made it fun to watch.

After ice skating it was time for crepes!  

Strangers were cracking up as they saw Garrett enjoying his snack.

He REALLY enjoyed his crepe.

Here is Mr. Pat, he was happy to carry Garrett.  After a full day of sight-seeing this little man was tired.

What a fantastic day!  

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