Friday, January 31, 2014

A December Bride

A December Bride  by Denise Hunter
Layla O'Reilly is a home stager trying to get her new business up and running.  She ends up engaged to Seth Murphy after attending a wedding with him as her last minute date.  
Instead of ending the engagement they keep the lie going while Layla decorates Seth's house for a special Christmas tour.  They spend several weeks together decorating Seth's house to try and get Layla a more secure future for her business.  Layla is trying to impress a wealthy real estate broker, but Seth has his own reasons for maintaining the false engagement.  
I liked that this was a love story and that the author kept things appropriate when it came to the physical aspect of their relationship.    The beginning of the book showed some promise, but the end was fairly predictable.  I have seen this book  described elsewhere as a good candidate for a Hallmark movie and I thought that was a very apt description.  
Overall I was not impressed by this book.  This novella did not take long to read, but I don't think that I will be in a hurry to read another book of this series.  If you are looking for something light hearted and fun to read during an afternoon then this would be a good choice.

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