Monday, July 21, 2014

Meadow Kids Fun

Earlier this year I was contacted by Meadow Kids a toy company based in the UK.  They asked if we would be interested in trying out a few of their products in exchange for a review.  When I looked agh their website I was really excited to see all of the different products they offered.  
It has taken me longer than I thought to try out all of the fun products they sent.  

The first one was the About Town Wooden Stamp Set.  We had a play date with a friend so we decided to open this fun set.  The boys, ages 5, 4.5, and 3 were able to play with this set independently for almost an hour.  The boys used the stamps of bicycles, trees, road signs, and weather to create different scenes.  It was very interesting to hear the boys describe the scenes they had made and why they used what they did. 

The next item was the Girl About Town fashion designer book.  Addison, age 7, had so much fun creating with this book.

She sat down and designed look after look for the different girls.  

The clothes, jewelry, and markers allowed Addison to explore her creativity.
It was great to see what she came up with and how diverse her creations were.

The final item we received was the Fingerprint Friends set.  We used the set to make thank you notes for the kids' teachers.
For the boys I helped them recreate some of the examples shown on the box; a spider, a caterpillar, and a zebra.

Addison decided to make a tree with her finger prints.

Addie was able to work mostly independently, with just a little help from me.

Bennett put a lot of thought into his work.  He got creative with the enclosed colored pencils and added scenery for his creatures.  

Garrett loved getting to work on a project like the older kids.  

He was so proud of his finished work.  

I liked that all of the products were wholesome and encouraged creativity.  There was no violence or immodest clothing, but all of the products were still entertaining enough to get and maintain the attention of my children.  
The quality of the products held up to use by my kids and their friends.  

I would definitely consider purchasing these products for my own family and especially as a gift for friends.

Check them out at

Disclaimer: I received the products as a gift from Meadow Kids in exchange for my thoughts.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I was just thinking I needed to increase our stamp collection! SeriouslY!!!
    Looks like a FANTASTIC trip home! I was eating up all the pics of Malachi on the beach--little adorable chunk! So glad you guys had a great trip!!!