Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Segovia, Spain

We started our morning in Segovia with a walk to the cathedral.  We were walking up the narrow medieval streets in the final minutes of delivery time and it was terrifying.  Trying to keep all 4 kiddos out of the way of the trucks trying to beat the clock was not fun.  If you visit Segovia after 11 am it is a different city, lesson learned.  We ended up finding a different side street where we could walk safely and things got better from there.

At the entrance of the cathedral I spotted a store with baskets, LOVE.

The entrance to the cathedral.

I love the floors in this church.

The organ was stunning.

I love the colors of this piece of art that dates back to the 1530s.

The art here was just beautiful!

These floors, I love them.

The gate, the ceiling, it was all so much to take in.

From the cathedral to the Alcazar was our next adventure.

I love how the architecture here is different form France, that blue sky was pretty beautiful too.  

The view from inside.  

There used to be an Artillery School here, Jon was an artillery man in the Army so the big guns always have a special draw for us.  

The artillery school had their own china made by in Sevilla by Pickman.  There was something for everyone.

In the courtyard of the Alcazar.

On the way back we found a playground!

And then we found the souvenir store. 

A little something for each of the kids along the way.

As we walked back towards the car the aqueduct loomed in the background.

Structures like this will always be so astounding, no matter how many we get to see. 

I made a quick climb up the stairs to snap a couple of photos.

I love these old aqueducts dotted across Europe.

You can just see the vintage carousel behind the aqueduct.  it was one of the most interesting carousels I have ever seen, but they were still putting it together when we left.

I would recommend going to Sevilla if you are in the area.  There is a great parking garage across the street from the aqueduct and it is a very walkable city, despite the vehicles we encountered.  The kids were thrilled to see a Burger King and a MacDonalds.  I can not believe we ate at Burger King while we were there, but there are some sacrifices we make for the kids while we drag them ll over Europe. Burger King was a treat because there is only one in Paris that I know of and we never go there.  

I hope you enjoyed this peak at Segovia, only a couple more stops on this Hilton Family Road Trip.

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