Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A BUSY Summer

We left our home in France at the end of June.  Here is one last shot outside of our home in Suresnes.

The next adventure was a 10 1/2 hour flight to Houston.  Our kids did so well.  Having friends on the plane certainly helped.

This little guy was so sweet and only screamed a little.

On to our next adventure, a house in Houston!  We had hoped to find more of a farm, but I am so excited about our 'castle' as my mom's friends have taken to calling it. 

This pool has gotten a lot of use already this summer.

We haven't gotten to spend a lot of time at our house yet though, because my little sister got married this summer!  We have spent time in Florida for different showers and then the big event.  The kids love their Uncle Garrett.

At the wedding rehearsal, could this location be any more gorgeous?

My Dad and my beautiful sister.

Time for a quick family photo.

Planning an outdoor wedding is nerve wracking and I couldn't do it, but my sister held out.

One more of Malachi singing a song.  This kid loves a microphone. 

Here is my parent's house, my mom is by the front door.  Here is the wedding golf cart all decked out.

While in Florida we found a great deal on a truck, Jon is going to drive this for his work car, and then I am going to be able to use it for my new French vintage and antique business.

And then it was wedding time.  My Dad and the bride rode to the wedding in this golf cart.  We had the most amazing weather and the ceremony was beautiful.  The reception was fun! I can't wait to share more pictures when we get them back.

I hope you have had as much fun this summer as I have.  

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