Saturday, February 13, 2010

Having some fun.

We had to get a new computer because our lap top finally gave out. It was time for us to get a new computer so it wasn't the end of the world and Jon was able to get all of our pictures downloaded safely. Jon got our new computer set up today and it is so much fun to work on. It is so fast and has a nice big screen. I am finally able to organize the thousands of pictures I have taken.

This is a little collage I made using Picasa. These are all of the pictures I have taken of Ben on his month anniversaries. I am still in shock that he is 8 months old already, but I thought it would be cute to see how much he has changed. The blanket was made by Ben's great-grandmother, Nana. He sleeps with it most nights and it is so special to him. Thanks Nana!


  1. Crazy! Although he has definitely slimmed down some, he looks almost exactly the same from 1 month-8 months!

  2. SO sweet! That's really cool with the blanket! I love seeing how he's grown and sitting up!!!!