Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummy Pancakes

Jon has been doing breakfast time at our house for the last couple of weeks. He gets up with both kids before he goes to work and feeds them so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. He really is the best husband ever. This morning he had to leave early for work so I was back on breakfast duty. Addie saw me up this morning and when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, of course, "Pancakes".
I got Ben settled into his chair with his usual banana and cheerios. He was watching me cook and he started to get very excited. I made Addie's pancakes, Mickey Mouse with a chocolate chip face, and then Ben started screeching at me for one of his own. I made a little pancake and gave it to him. He was so excited, he ripped into the pancake. I went to snap a picture and realized it was upstairs so I ran up to get it. By the time I got back downstairs the pancake was over halfway gone. He ate the whole thing and wanted more. Here is a picture of him digging into the second pancake. He was so excited, it was precious.

And here is Addie enjoying her pancakes.

When I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes I realized that Ben ate more than Addie and I both. I knew boys ate more, but I really had no idea. I am going to enjoy cooking for my hungry little man.


  1. Aw, So cute! What a great husband you have =) Ben is getting so big! Oh, and have a safe and wonderful trip to FL!

  2. Sweet post!!! Jackson amazed me with his eating around Ben's age...I could not believe some days! It's so fun!