Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Mommy Gets Sick

This is going to be a post with no pictures, I know, I think it is a first for me. It has been an interesting day for our family.

Last week my allergies started to act up and I got very congested. By Sunday I was in so much pain, I felt like I had been punched in the eye and my teeth hurt too much to chew. On Monday I made a doctor's appointment for myself, packed up snacks for both kids and headed out. Taking 2 under 2 to a doctor's appointment is not fun, thankfully the doctor was able to talk loud and ignore Addie, and reach around Ben to listen to my breathing. I left the appointment with a prescription and hope of relief. We decided to meet Daddy for lunch so we went and ate some chicken wings and played games. On the way home I got my prescription filled and then put two very tired kiddos down for their naps. I was really looking forward to Jon coming home and helping me with the kids so I could relax and start to recover. He called earlier than he said he would and I was so excited, until I answered the phone and he said he was coming home early because he didn't feel good. He still did the dishes for me while I ran out to get him some medicine. He had a very rough night so I slept in the guest room so I could listen for the kids and he wouldn't have to hear the monitor. I didn't hear anything from either of the kids all night, but when I went in to get Addie she had gotten sick in the night too. When I walked into her room she asked "What's that?" and pointed to the mess on her bed. Awesome. She was in a great mood though and said she felt much better. I started cleaning up her room and got everything into the washing machine and then fixed breakfast. I felt so bad for the little thing, she was such a good sport about the whole thing. Jon came out and said he was feeling better, but still pretty puny. He is home and resting for the day, but trying to keep his distance from the kids so he doesn't pass anything back. It is very easy for me to get frustrated at times like this and wish that he had been able to be more help. I did get a chance to check my email and Facebook this morning and when I did I saw that Jon's old Army unit in Iraq left for another year long deployment yesterday. That was a very sobering thought for me. It made me realize how happy I am to have him home to take care of. Thankfully my anitbiotics are working and I am feeling much better today. Addie and Ben are both feeling great and Jon and I will have some extra time together this afternoon, even if we are just sitting on the couch.
I know this isn't my usual style of post, but I feel so lucky to be at home today with my sick husband and kiddos. All of our Army friends are in our prayers as so many of them are leaving or have already left. I hope everyone stays healthy and has a Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.


  1. Aw...so sorry. but it is neat how little things like that news can put it all in perspective!

  2. Sometimes the best posts are those with no photos! Love hearing about the typical days of Mommyhood and sick kiddos-it's funny that I just read this because Ethan has gotten sick twice this morning, which is a first for us. Hope you all feel better. It's amazing what us Moms can do, even if we are sick.

  3. Yep--I was having the same thoughts of those deploying last week. UGH! Glad you're now starting to feel better and that your family is all together!