Monday, May 10, 2010

11 Months

It is so hard for me to believe that our little man is 11 months old. I am planning his party right now, but it doesn't seem like his first birthday is just around the corner. He is still a very sweet little boy, but he has had a harder time sleeping through the night this month than he has since he was a baby. He seems to be getting back on track this wee though. He has 6 teeth, but more are on their way. He likes to bite me to get my attention. He doesn't bite Jon, but he chomps down on my neck or my legs, whenever he gets the chance.
He has started cruising, but he is still not ready to start walking. I am okay with him not walking yet. He loves to play in the play area at Chick fil A and at the mall. I don't remember Addie playing in those places until she could walk, but Ben loves them. He climbed half way up the slide at Chick fil A the other day. He loves when you sing, he starts clapping when you sing. It is so precious.
He is such a sweet boy, we love him so much.

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