Monday, May 24, 2010

Good times

My Mom let me know tonight that it has been too long since I posted pictures of the kids. Forgive me if any of these are duplicates, I am feeling a little scattered lately.

Addie has loved having her nails painted ever since her Aunt Laura did it over Easter. She had just taken a bath and I had painted her fingers and toes and she was waiting for them to dry. She is such a little princess when she gets her nails painted.

Addie and Ben both love 'helping' me do laundry. Addie has gotten really good about helping me put clothes in the dryer, Ben usually just stands in the way, but he looks so happy and proud of himself doing it.

Our church celebrated their 40th anniversary last week. They had a little carnival for the kids. This was our first attempt to get Addie on the ride. She waited in line with Jon and then screamed when he put her in the car, we did not make her stay on, but we did try again with another ride.

The next ride started out a little bit better, but

by the end she was screaming. All of the parents standing around were looking for the parent of the little banshee. I felt kind of bad when I kept snapping pictures, but there was nothing else I could do so I thought I should document her misery.

Ben is such a sweet little boy. I can't believe he is almost a year old, but I love that he is such a cuddler. He loves his blankets and when he is sleepy he will snuggle up and suck his thumb. It is so nice to just cuddle with him. I try to enjoy these moments because they are going so quickly.

The kids love books and being read to. Ben likes to do whatever his big sister does so when she brings me a book he settles in to listen too. I don't know what I am going to do when my belly gets bigger, I guess we will have to move to the couch to make sure we have enough room. Yes, Addie does seem to spend a lot of her time almsot naked. I try to keep clothes on her, our rule is that she is not allowed to go outside without clothes on.

Jon's friends, Jerry and Martha, invited us over to their house to go swimming. Addie and Ben both love water so we knew we would have a great time, we were lucky enough to meet two great new friends. Addie and Ben loved Jerry and Martha. We had a ton of very yummy food and a lot of fun conversation.
Addie thinking about getting in the water.

Ben having so much fun riding around the pool. He kept getting cold and his little lip would shiver, but he would still be smiling. He is such a happy little man.

Everyone having a good time talking and playing.

This is my new favorite picture of Addison. I have such a hard time getting a good picture of her with a genuine smile so this picutre makes me happy. She was playing with Jerry, he was splashing her and she kept running away and giggling. It was great.

Ben and his new best friend Martha. They were having fun singing and dancing.

Jon and Ben shared some ice cream and it was so funny to watch. Ben's little mouth would open every time Jon lifted the spoon, even if the bite wasn't meant for him.

We have been staying pretty busy, I have not been feeling that great, but thankfully it comes and goes so we are able to get things done in between my bouts of not feeling so hot. Addie's 'school' is out for the summer so now we are planning more playdates with our friends. Right now we are looking forward to a visit from Grandma and Poppa this weekend! I hope everyone's summer is starting out as fun as ours.

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  1. Looks like you guys are doing great!! I Love the pic of Ben at the pool with your friend--his little toddler/baby belly is awesome!!!! Hysterical that you kept taking pics of Addie on the ride during her meltdown. Atta mom!!!