Monday, August 30, 2010

24 Weeks

There will be more Maine pictures buy I wanted to take a minute and update everyone on Baby Scout. I was 24 weeks on Sunday, it is hard to believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. Here is a belly shot of Scout. This baby is going to do just fine keeping up with Addie and Ben, I think this is the most active any of our kids have been at this stage. I had a doctors appointment today, she said everything looks good, I go back in a month.

Here is little man. On Sunday's I go run errands while Jon and the kids take their naps. Usually I am home before everyone wakes up, but I got stuck in traffic yesterday and everythign took longer than usual so everyone was up when I got back. This is how Ben greeted me, he was so happy, it was precious. The bump on his head is from the other day, he fell in a store and cut his head on a step stool, it bled quite a bit, it is by far his worst boo-boo yet, but he has handled it like a champ.

Just a little Hilton Family update, we are staying busy this week as we get ready for both kids to start Preschool/Mother's Day Out next week. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. You look great! Can't wait to find out if Scout is a he or she! Miss you guys!!

  2. I Just caught up on your blog---such cute pics from your trip! I love the ones of the kids on the tractor! The pic of Ben waiting for you is too cute---such a little boy!!! Glad all 5 of you are doing great! :)