Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love getting pictures off of my memory card when I have forgotten what pictures are on there.

Little miss watched a documentary with her Daddy last week when I was out for the evening. The documentary was about old west cowboys. Addie decided that she was going to dress like a cowboy for bedtime. That's right this is what she wore for pajamas, because this is what cowboys wear to bed. Love it.
She loves all of her stuffed animals. Today it was her lion.
When I told her she had to get dressed for school she was still in cowboy mode. This is the outfit she put together all by herself, and this is how she went to school. I do think she left the gloves at home, but the hat and everything went to school. She is at a preschool at our church so they are very understanding.
This little guy is in such a hurry to grow up. He has been pulling up and standing for almost a month now. He has found the bottom stair as a favorite place to pull up, but the other day he got his leg up on the first step. Now I am so worried that he is going to start climbing the stairs one day.
He is such a ham, he loves the camera and almost always has a big grin when he sees it.

As I was doing the dishes last night this is what I saw. Our neighbor Mr. Barry is awesome. We all love him and when Jon saw him outside last night he took the kids to visit with him.
Ben has been going through kind of a rough stage this summer, but I think we might be coming out on the other side. I know it must be hard to be a 2 year old boy and a middle child already. I think the structure of 'school' is helping. It has been hard with him being more challenging than usual only because he is such a sweet boy. I love this picture.
This is what I woke up to this morning. Jon gets up early with our early rising children and gets them breakfast and turns on PBS kids. He doesn't wake me up until he is walking out the door. I love this man more every day. I feel so blessed to wake up to these crazy kids every morning. Look at those grins on the boys.
This is our produce delivery for today. I organize the coop and we get deliveries every other Wednesday. Ben loves produce days he loves fruits and veggies more than any of my other children. We have already tasted the grapes and oranges and they are so yummy!
I hope you are having a great week!


  1. I was sooo excited about the potatoes and green beans!

  2. SUCH A CUTE PIC of Ben and Jon!!!! Looks like you guys have been busy but having fun!!!