Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Starting September

To start out september I made a trip to the mall the other day with all three kids. I try not to do this because it usually does not end well. This is how it ended this trip. Addie was such a big girl and head Garrett for me. Trying to hold him in one arm and steer this giant stroller with the other hand is just not that easy any more. I still love this stroller though and would recommend it to any one needing a double stroller. It is well worth the investment.
I loved this hat on Addie, her coloring is so different from mine, it is fun to be able to dress her in colors I am not used to. She is such a serious little girl that this is the first picture I got of her.
But then I got a smile. I love her little blonde curls peeking out from under her hat.
Ben was happy to snack on some leftover chips from lunch.

Here is my sweet smiley little man.

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