Friday, January 20, 2012

Arkansas Part One

I realize this post is long overdue. I had every intention of getting this post up earlier, but as many of you know I ended up with some stomach pains that put me in the hospital. I am doing much better now. Unfortunately they haven't figured out what happened, but I am doing my best to regain my strength and get back to normal. So here is the first installment from our trip to Arkansas, there will be a few more posts over the next couple of days. I hope you are all having a great new year so far.
Over the New Year weekend holiday we loaded up the van and drove to Arkansas to visit our friends, Matt, April, SaraBeth and Nathan. Addie and SB were best friends when they lived here in Houston and she was so excited to get to play with her friend.

Addie jumped right in playing dress up.

Garrett got in some snuggle time with April.

Ben found the "Shooter Gun" and didn't let go the whole weekend.
These girls had so much fun playing together.
The boys were so funny to watch together. Ben would pick on Nathan and then Nathan would pick on Garrett.
Garrett wanted to be like Nathan, this was Rett's first time brushing his teeth and he had so much fun.
Nathan is such a sweet little boy.
The girls were all ready to go outside and play, pom poms and all.
They have a few cats and Garrett loved them all, they didn't all love him though.
The boys playing in the truck.
Garrett looks like a natural on the tractor.
Nathan taking a little break from playing.
This is their dog, Rowdy. He is such a sweet dog, our kids loved him.
Nathan and Matt
Ben in little boy heaven, on a real tractor.
Addie wanted a turn too, but Ben didn't want to move.
Ben was not very good at sharing, he kept trying to nudge Nathan out of the way.
SB and Addie hanging out on the tractor together.
We finally got Ben out of the drivers seat and he had to check out everything else.
Garrett took his turn to kick the tires.
Nathan stopped for a quick pudding snack.
Matt put Jon to work painting a sign for the property.
To get around the farm we used a golf cart. Garrett loved when he got to have the golf cart all to himself.
Nathan exploring an old barn.
Ben exploring the barn too.
Trying to get a picture of all the kids, but the sun was too bright and there were too many cool things to look at.
It was so peaceful.
Garrett loved the tractors almost as much as Ben.
I loved this beautiful old barn.
This is how we got around the farm, Addie and SB rode on the back inside the straps for the golf bags.

We went exploring and found these old cow bones.
It was a neat lesson to explain to the kids about the bones.
More peaceful countryside.
Addie loved riding around the farm and exploring.

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