Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arkansas, the shopping trip

I had posted about my Arkansas Shopping trip on my shop blog. Here is the picture of all my finds for the day.

The whole shopping day was so much fun, and I got some great pictures of our adventures. The boys stayed home for a nap and April, SaraBeth, Addie and I headed out on Saturday after lunch.
As we were driving April said that we were going to drive by some zebras and camels. I didn't believe her until we drove right past this exotic animal farm with zebras and camels. Addie was so excited to see the zebras, one of her favorite movies right now is Racing Stripes.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from the thrift stores we went to, I was too busy shopping with my arms full of goodies. I did pull the camera out when we headed to the grocery store, and yes I felt like a tourist. These carts took me back to my childhood. I don't think I had seen one since I was a kid. The girls loved riding on the bottom of the cart.
I love their sparkly shoes.
I don't think I have ever seen so much variety or so much supply for chitlins before.
The big debate the whole weekend was who got to ride in which car seat. There was the big girl booster seat and there was the baby car seat. This picture shows how happy SaraBeth was that she got the booster seat.
This picture shows that Addie was unhappy with her car seat. They did switch back and forth when we would stop, but that did not make them any happier when it was their turn to sit in the baby car seat.
Our next stop for a Sonic Happy Hour treat did help improve everyone's mood over all.
Addie having her first Sonic treat, it was a strawberry slushy.
SaraBeth with her strawberry slushy, and of course the girls were happy to watch BOZ on the way home.
They both crashed pretty hard on the 45 minute trip home, you don't get anywhere quick when you live out in the country.
The new sign was finished and hanging up.
Matt and his kiddos headed down to see the sunset.
Nathan, the little man and his boots.
Ben was ready to ride.

More pictures to come!

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