Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Addie and Garrett were outside playing with the bubbles.
 Been was playing with the bubbles too until he dumped the whole container on the ground.  I filled it back up for him and then he dumped it again, and then he was mad when I wouldn't fill it up again.
 Garrett was so excited about the bubbles.
 He was a man on a mission.
 Daddy got home just in time to show off the damage to his car.  He got hit on his way home from work.  Thankfully everyone was okay.  We are finding out now if we can fix it or if Jon gets to pick out a 'new' car.
 This is just a small glimpse into Garrett's day.  He loves to go into the pantry and pull everything off the shelves.  He learned from his big brother and when they both go in there I know I am in for it.  Garrett was so content I left him in there so that I could finish making dinner.

 Ice cream night at the Hilton's House.  For a while our family was a little obsessed with Tutti Frutti.  Ben will say "I have an idea, how about Tutti Frutti?"  and then he gets really excited like we are definitely going.  If it were up to Jon we would go every time Ben suggested it (every day), but we are trying to cut back on outings like that a little.  I picked up a thing of ice cream at the store and the kids seem just as happy with a few M & M s sprinkled on their ice cream.  We had also rented Puss in Boots for them to watch, they were so excited.
 Garrett got a little taste of ice cream,
 but he was more interested in the McD's apple pie that Daddy had.
 He is such a sweet boy, as long as he gets whatever food you may be eating.

 Puss in Boots and the ice cream were a big hit and it was a great way to close out our weekend.  I hope you are all having a great Monday!

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