Sunday, February 12, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

A friend of ours invited us to go to a Father Daughter Dance at their gym. When I mentioned the idea to Addie she ran upstairs and put on her dress up dress and said she was ready to dance with daddy. She was sooooo excited for this dance, we painted her nails and did her hair and got her all ready.

This picture makes me smile. Ben loves his frying pan, he has been sleeping with it this week. Addie was trying to curtsie.

Jon and Addie all ready for the dance.
The pearl necklace Addie is wearing is the same necklace that my Dad brought home for me when he traveled overseas. I have had the necklace since I was just a little older than Addie. It is also the same necklace I wore on my wedding day.
Such a sweet couple.
Daddy was tickling Addie to get her to smile.

A picture with my sweet girl, I am so proud of the little girl she is growing into.

Ben Ben saying good bye to Daddy.

Addie and Ben Ben saying good bye. I love how much these kiddos love each other, even when they are making each other crazy.

Garrett did not want Daddy and Addie to leave. He loves them both so much. Addie is so sweetwith Garrett, always trying to make him laugh. Garrett LOVES his Daddy. Thankfully Garrettdidn't cry when they left, he just waved bye bye.

I went to find Garrett after taking a few pictures and this is what I found. Garrett is so ready to be one of the big kids.
Ben was having so much fun playing.
Yes, this pictured ended badly. Ben whacked his brother in the head. Thankfully we have put away the metal bat so it didn't hurt Garrett.
Garrett had fun eating dinner that night. I don't know how he managed to get one noodle on top of his head. And then it was bath time or as it is known in our house "Time for tub-tub"

Addie and Jon had a great time at the dance. Addie's favorite part was the dancing and seeing the horse poop (they had a horse drawn carriage ride for everyone).

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