Monday, April 30, 2012

Cutting Hair

Aunt Laura is finishing up her certificate in cosmetology.   We took advantage of her skills and snuck a couple of hair cuts in through out the fun filled weekend.  
 Addie just got a little trim to even up her hair and make it a little healthier.
 Ben got a trim.
 I got a fun new summer look.
 Garrett, my baby, got his first hair cut.  
 Just look at those curls.
 I love these curls, I was not quite ready to get them all cut off, but I was out numbered.  
 Garrett did so well getting his hair cut, it seemed like he enjoyed having someone play with his hair.  
 Our sweet boy did so well and now he looks so grown up. 
Jon did get a hair cut too, 5 hairs cuts in 2 days, Aunt Laura was a busy girl!
Still a lot more pictures to come!

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