Saturday, April 14, 2012

Texas Fun

Today we had an appointment scheduled for our professional blue bonnet pictures.  I have been so excited about this day, it is something I have wanted to do since we moved to Texas.  We got up early, put the kids in the car in their pjs and got on our way.  Everyone wore white for the photos, that is why the kids rode up in their pjs, none of us do very well in white.  We stopped to get donuts, a fan favorite around here.  Garrett was pretty excited.  He usually only gets a plain glazed, but I made a mistake and got him a chocolate sprinkle donut.  
 He thought Daddy was pretty funny when we stopped to get gas.  We had a great time taking our pictures, but I won't be able to share them for a couple of weeks while the photographer edits them.  
 I didn't realize it until this morning, but we had to drive right through the Blue Bonnet Festival to get to our photo shoot site.  After the pictures were done we headed back to Chappell Hill, Texas to check things out. This little house was on our walk into the city.  It is just the kind of house Jon and I would love to live in.  The whole town was just adorable.  They have houses that date back all the way to 1821.  
 This is how we roll, our clever little girl has figured out a way to ride.
 We got a lot of looks today and the usual comments of "Wow, you've got your hands full".  We were very obviously dressed for our pictures and even had a few people ask us if we had found a good spot.  Unfortunately I can't share the location our photographer used because it is private property.  The blue bonnets came in early this year so people were fighting over the few fields that are left.

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