Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Last Day of Summer

I can't believe that this is our last day of summer before Addie starts school.  Monday begins a new chapter for our family and I think I am even more emotional than I would normally be because we are in the midst of such tumultuous times for our family anyway.
We were invited to a pool play date today and I can not imagine a better way to celebrate Addie's last day of summer vacation.
Here is my little surfer girl.
Addie and Noah had so much fun swimming all over the pool.  Noah's mom jokingly said that they might get married some day after seeing this picture.
Keeping up wtih these three little angels at the pool is a little bit of a challenge, but it is worth every minute.   Addie is a great swimmer, but I think the big surprise in the last couple of weeks is our little Ben.  He puts his face in the water and swims all by himself.  He still stays in the shallow water, but he is getting to be a really strong swimmer.  Garrett keeps me the busiest, but I love that our babies all love water.
 To make this day officially our last day we also had Meet the Teacher.  Addie seemed so little when we walked into the school.  Her teacher seems really nice and the classroom seems like a lot of fun.  Addie is so excited about Monday.  Before we could leave the school we had to check out the library.  I love that she has a love for reading already. 
 For a special treat Addie and I headed down the road to Starbucks, apple juice and 2 chocolate donuts made for one happy little girl.  We had a great conversation and some good quality time.

I am sure I will be one of the parents crying on Monday morning as I watch Addie walk into this new phase in life, but I am so excited to see what kind of person Addie becomes.  I am so proud of what an amazing little girl she is, she truly is a blessing in our life.  

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  1. I'll be crying Monday too...I have no doubt. Pregnancy hormones and one starting kindergarten are not a good combo. :)