Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Starting School

On Monday this sweet little girl started Kindergarten.  She has been so excited about starting school.  

Her brothers were not as exciting.  Little Gare Bear is not an early riser, can you tell?  The poor little guy has to be woken up every morning to take Addie to school.  Hopefully he will adjust to our new routine.

 Addie is having so much fun at school and I am having a lot of fun spending more quality time with these handsome little men.  We were doing a little shopping at Target and this is what I saw.  

Our family has a lot of changes coming in the next month, but right now we are trying to enjoy our time here in Texas.  That includes shopping at Target and eating Chick Fil A, both of which we enjoyed today.


  1. Hope she is enjoying her first week! Looks like you and the boys had fun

  2. can't beleive Addie is entering kindergarten! Hope it was a great first day....sounds like it won't be a full year in one place; I have no doubt the crew will rise to the occasion!