Friday, September 28, 2012

On Our Way

We are sitting in the lounge at the airport waiting for our flight to leave.  This whole move has happened so quickly it is going to take some time for me work through all of the information I have learned and all of the emotions I have felt.

In the mean time here are some fun pictures from our last week in Houston.

Here are some pictures of our last time at the house as a family.

 We have taken so many pictures in front of this house.
It has been a good home and we will miss it.  

Here are all our new boots.  We have done some pretty major shopping in the last month getting ready for an Oslo winter.
 Grandma and Poppa flew out for our last night in Houston.  It was great having extra hands to help with the kids.
 The kids love riding the 'horse'.
 One last photo op with Grandma and Poppa.
 Here we are all loaded up in a 15 passenger van.  It took this big of a van to fit all of our 10 suitcases, 6 carry ons, 1 stroller, 3 car seats and 5 people!

We are very fortunate to be flying business class on our way over.  That means that we get to have access to the lounge.  The United Lounge at George Bush Intercontinental has a great Family Room.  They have a tv, dvd player and movie library.  We have made some fun friends already and our trip has hardly begun!
Hopefully our next post will be from Oslo!

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