Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go Gators!

This weekend we were able to go up to Dallas and see some family.  
Garrett fell asleep with his shades on, so sweet.
 Addie got a tiara from Nana and Aunt Wendy, she wore it all weekend and tried to wear it to school this morning.
 This is Garrett in the middle of throwing a fit.  He is so sweet so much of the time that when he throws a fit people are taken aback.  I know this is a phase that will pass, but it is not my favorite part of this age.  
 A big part of this weekend was football, Saturday Florida played Texas A&M.  Jon was a nervous wreck during the game.  
 Garrett had fallen down and bumped his head, I was trying to get to smile.
 Garrett and Daddy watching football.
 I love this picture, this was toward the end of the game.  
 Garrett was off of his normal sleep schedule, so he laid down with Bumba and Ah Ah.
 Ben was in heaven with all of Mikey's weapons.  
 Still pretty tense.
 Garret using his new Buccee's cup.
 Nana and Addie working on some project.
 Uncle Joe, Mikey and Ben.
Ben's favorite gun on this trip, it made noises and lit up.
 Go Gators!!!

Thank you to Nana and Uncle Bim for putting us up in their new house this weekend.  I can't believe that was our last trip to Dallas for a while.  We had so much fun visiting with everyone.

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