Thursday, August 15, 2013

Adventures in Moving

We moved into our house and got our first shipment last week.  Yesterday we got our shipment from our storage unit in Houston.  We now have quite a bit of stuff in our house, but not quite enough.  Jon was quite impressed with my ability to unpack boxes and assemble Ikea furniture.

Today Jon had the day off of work so we headed into the city.  In August, all of Paris leaves on vacation.  If they haven't left already, they definitely leave by August 15.  We decided to take advantage of Parisians fleeing the city to go see the Sacre Coeur.  We were up and around first thing this morning, ate a homemade waffle breakfast, and drove to Montmartre.  We found a parking space and headed to the church.  This picture shows how we roll, carrying the stroller and hiking up the stairs.

I must admit this view is much more impressive.

We were here just before 9 am and we were a little patient and we managed to get this photo with no one else in it!

The kids were such good listeners as we walked through the church.  Here we are on the way out.

After a quick trip into Starbucks we headed down the funniculaire to explore the rest of Montmartre.

The view from the bottom of the hill.  There was a carousel and a playground here, but we managed to put the kids off this time.  

We walked a good bit of Montmartre and we are looking forward to visiting again when the shops are open.  We made our way to this apartment, Van Gogh lived here for 2 years while he was painting.  Addie studied Van Gogh last year and she thought it was very neat to see where he lived at one time.

After walking back up the hill we saw this beautiful view, if you look carefully you can see the golden dome of Les Invalides.  At this point we were all tired and hungry.  We walked back to the car and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe.  The parking garage we parked in had some of the tightest squeezes we have seen so far.  The elevator was so small and sketchy we chose to walk the 3 flights rather than chance it.  Lunch was yummy and we also found the Chipotle here in Paris!  We will be heading back there one day.

On the way home we were following the GPS when we realized where it was taking us.  We have heard horror stories about the round a bout around the Arc de Triomphe.  By the time we were there it was too late to change directions.  Thankfully traffic was really light today and Jon was able to make his way around to our exit like a pro.

Here he is driving like a champ.

It is still a little surreal for us that this is our home.  We are so thankful to be getting settled in our house, and we love the lay out more and more each day.  We still need at least one piece of furniture for every room, but we are waiting on deliveries.  Because everyone is gone for the month it makes things like deliveries a lot more challenging.  By September I should have some more pictures of the house to share.


  1. Just found your blog today. What an awesome adventure for your family

  2. What an experience you are living. We've gone to Paris once. I liked it, my husband not so much. I rode one of those teeny tiny sketchy elevators up 5 floors. I backed into it with my grandson in his stroller and before I could get out the doors closed. I actually had to tip the stroller to fit. It squeaked, moaned, stopped, started and scared us both. Have fun in your new home. I'm looking forward to more posts.

  3. I'm jealous. Once in a lifetime happening.

  4. Paris is certainly a beautiful place to live in. Lots of beautiful must-see places and the people are very welcoming. I hope you've settled down by now. Moving to a different country is hard, but I hope you were able to cope with it.
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