Wednesday, August 7, 2013

God is so Good!

We signed the lease for our house this morning and did the walk through just after.  This was the third time we had been to the house and every time I walk through the house I get giddy.  The more I see the house the more perfect it seems for our family.  I just can't believe that we found a house that met all of our needs in a home.  The guest space could not be more wonderful and the master suite makes me feel peaceful even though it is still empty.
There are a few issues with the house, one of the toilets is broken, and Ben helped us find that out the hard way.  We have blackberry bushes, an apple tree, and a fig tree.  The fruit is all amazing, but the bees that love the fruit are not.  At least we know now that Addie is NOT allergic to bee stings.
One other thing that had us a little worried was when we were going to be able to get our 2 shipments delivered.  Our Houston shipment is still en route, but our Norwegian shipment is here!  They were telling us they were not going to be able to deliver our goods for another 10+ days.  After Jon emailed them a picture of our signed lease they called back and said they have an opening tomorrow morning between 8 and 9 AM.
After all the paperwork was done we headed out for some lunch and then to a store called Darty.  Here we were able to buy a washer, dryer, mini fridge for the guest area, coffee pot, vacuum, toaster, and water kettle.  This was the first time that I really felt frustrated by the language barrier.  Usually we can get by with my little French and whatever English someone else speaks, but this time there was a problem.  Eventually a manager was involved and the problem was fixed.  All of that before nap time!
Thank you to everyone that has been keeping us in your prayers.  We can see God's hand at work in many different places in our lives right now.
There will be many more pictures to come, and we are so excited!

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