Sunday, June 15, 2014


Last Sunday at church we had Malachi dedicated.  This is a little different than infant baptism, we believe that baptism is a decision someone makes when they are ready.  A dedication is a time for us to go in front of the church and commit to raising our child the best we can to follow the Lord.  It is also a time to ask the church to come along side us and help us raise Malachi, and the rest of our children.  This is something that we have done with each of our children.  

Malachi was very interested in what Todd had to say.

We absolutely love Todd and Amanda.  They have such a heart for the church here in Paris.  They have made our transition here that much easier by creating such an encouraging place to come and worship. 

It was also very special to have Nannie, my mom, here for this event.

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