Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shopping with Nick

Every Sunday I pass by a little shop on my way to church.  For the first several months I would look longingly at this little shop with many little treasures out front, but just getting to church on time was a challenge.  One day Jon said I could leave early, ALL BY MYSELF, and stop at the shop and he would get all of the kids to church.  Having an hour to myself is a real treat, and getting to shop by myself is so nice.  That morning I met Nicholas. Nick is a Frenchman who speaks great English.  He is a cabinet restorer by trade, but he also has a great collection of treasures that people consign with him to sell.  I have always found something to take home with me when I visit with Nicholas.

I have taken a couple of different friends in to this little shop, and everyone I have taken in has found some treasure to take home with them.

This morning I got to take Jon in with me, my mom stayed in the car with the kids while Jon and I were able to run in.  Part of why I enjoy shopping here so much is that Nick can give you some information on the history of the time.

Here are my finds this morning, a great enamelware pot and a vintage metal GIG sign.

"Grands Invalides de Guerre"  "The Injured/Handicapped of War"  This sign would have gone in the window of a car as a kind of handicap sign.  

I love this blue and white enamelware pot, there are a few dings and scratches, but overall it is in great shape.

If you ever want to come visit I will take you to Nick's shop and you can find a treasure of your own.

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