Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New Favorite City, Bruges

After an okay time in Brussels we made a short drive to Bruges.  We were winding our way through the streets of old Bruges hoping our GPS was taking us the right way.  When we pulled up as close as we could get we were so excited.  The location was wonderful, right off the main square.  Monday morning we got up and walked around the city.  It was chilly, but beautiful.

When did our sweet girl get so grown up?  I love this picture of her.

This was a map of the city made of lace.

We walked to Our Lady church, you can see it in the background here.

Here in the church is the Madonna by Michelangelo, it was made more famous recently by the movie The Monument's Men.

It is always amazing to see these amazing works of art in person.

We were at the church at opening time and there were only a couple of other people and it was very nice.

From the church we headed to the boat ride on the canals. 

Everyone was so excited about this, it was really cute. 

This tree was just gorgeous, I loved all of the colors of fall.

The kids were so good on the tour and enjoyed checking out this new city.

This guy is such a fun person to travel with.

Malachi had so much fun on the tour, at one point he put his head against the boat and just sat there, I think he liked the feel of the motor.

I was there too!

I love this picture, the awe on their faces, it really is a beautiful city.

This crew is so much fun!

After a trip through the Historium we got to go out on the balcony to see the city.

And then we headed to a horse and carriage ride.  It was another fun way to see the city.

We ate at a couple of really good restaurants, Jon and the kids got their fill of moles et frites, mussels and french fries.  Our waiters were so surprised to see our kids putting away the mussels.  It was a great end to our vacation and just a 3 hour trip from home.  I completely recommend this as a visit.

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