Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

This year I volunteered to help put on the Halloween party for Ben's class at school.  I had my 2 helpers that I brought with me.  There were a bunch of other moms there helping and we all had a great time making this day special for the kids.

I love this big personality in this little boy.

He was taking it all in.

He is just precious if I do say so myself.

Garrett got to go to the assembly with his big brother.  Can you see them holding hands?  My heart is so full with their love for each other.

While the kids were in their assembly the moms set up the party.


and crafts.

Then it was time for the parade.  My sweet vampire princess.

Garrett got to walk in the costume parade too!

My happy pirate.

Still taking it all in.

Garrett loved being a big boy for the day.

Time for games!

These two were having so much fun.

This guy had a pretty good time too.  I LOVE the expression on his face here.  He loves slides and he knew I was coming to get him.

So sweet.

I did get down to Addie's party for a minute.

After school we met up at a local park for a Trunk or Treat.  There were just enough cars and candy for our little legs and the kids had so much fun.  

 I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! We sure did.

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