Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Grandma and Poppa came for a visit this Memorial Day weekend so we decided to spend Friday in Galveston. We had never made the drive down there before and we didn't know what to expect, but we had a great time. We stopped at the Visitor's center, drove by the beautiful historic homes, ate lunch on the water and took a boat tour of the harbor. The whole day was a lot of fun.

Reading bed time stories with Grandma and Poppa.

At the Galveston Visitor's Center. Ben found this little body board and jumped on. He was ready for some waves.

Getting ready to go eat lunch. The seafood was delicious.

The boys on our Harbor Tour.

Ben loved being out on the water. He loved the wind and the waves and the birds.

The captain let Ben help steer for a little while.

Then the captain gave Ben his microphone. Ben loved it. He talked into it and listened to his own voice for 5 minutes or more. It was so cute.

DOLPHINS! I don't know what it is about dolphins but I think it is so neat to see them out in the wild.

Addie loved seeing the dolphins, but was terrified for almost all of the boat ride. She was so excited talking about it, but when we actually got on the boat and left the dock she cried and clung to Jon or I.

Daddy was protecting her.

Ben decided he needed a little drink.

He was so relaxed the whole time we were out.

He loved looking out at the water and the waves.

Galveston has very busy docks and we saw some interesting things.
This German tank.

A row of John Deere tractors. This made me think of the movie Cars.

Millions of bananas come through Galveston every week. We saw several fork lifts going back and forth full of bananas. We learned a lot about Galveston and it's history.

Addie finally started to calm down towards the end of the hour long trip.

I was trying to convince Addie to smile for a picture, without much luck.

This is an oil drilling museum, we didn't get to go in this time. Do you see one of the sponsors?

A new family picture. These are always nice when we can get them.

It was a great day, Ben was so tired he was asleep before we got back to the interstate.

Grandma and Addie fell asleep after we drank our milkshakes, and I fell asleep shortly after I took this picture. It was such a fun day.

Ben got a good nap that afternoon and woke up hungry. He was licking his plate and trying to chew on it after he ate everything off of it.


  1. Yeah! I figured it out, looks like a fun time, love the serious photo of Addie and the contrast with Ben is a hoot. Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Looks like fun! We will have to do that sometime...
    I feel bad for whoever was driving--no nap!

  3. Looks like you had quite a busy day! I love seeing all the things that come in to Galveston. Your kids crack me up!

  4. Everyone looks like they had a great time! I love looking at all your pictures!