Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturdays are so much fun!

Saturdays have been so much fun for me lately. With all of the time that Jon had to spend away from Addie and I when she was little, these relaxing mornings together are exactly what I thought they would be.
Here is Ben trying out his brother's bouncy seat. It bends back so far when he gets in it almost touches the floor.

Addie dancing a little bit in her snazzy leopard print jammies.

Addie and I posing for a quick picture in our matching jammies.

Jon Skyped with is parents this morning. The kids had so much fun seeing Grandma and Pawpaw.

Ben was kind of in a bad mood this morning, he has learned the word 'No' and uses it quite a bit.

We vacuumed today so we had picked everything up off the floor. Addie climbed in with all of her stuffed animals and called it her nest while she watched a movie.

Garrett snuggled up for a little nap while I checked my email.

Our next Saturday activity, lunch at CFA "Chick Fil A". The kids love to go and play. Addie told me she made a new friend today. I love our outgoing little girl.

Our last stop today was at Lowe's. Both kids love to 'drive'.

We are lookging forward to a fun day at our house tomorrow watching the Superbowl with all of our friends!

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  1. You inspire me to call any day with 3 kids relaxing! :-) Nothing beats fun family weekends!!!