Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love Pictures

I love taking pictures of my children. They change so much every day and I love to be able to look back.
This is our littlest man all ready for church on Sunday. Ben wore this same outfit and I can't believe that Ben was ever that small.

Trying to get a picture of the boys together.

Addie loves to have her picture taken right now, any time I have the camera out I have to take a picture of her.

Ben did not like it when Garrett was touching him.

Daddy's turn.

These pictures are from Wednesday morning. Addie and Ben were so excited to say good morning to Garrett and Garrett seemed pretty happy to see them too. He smiles a little more each day and it is just so precious.

These three keep me on my toes. Ben always points out Garrett's nose, but when I hear Ben saying "Eyes, Eyes" I know it is time to rescue Garrett.

These are from Wednesday too. Ben put the hat on himself and then he wanted me to put him on the horse. I know he will not be happy with me one day for taking this picture, but he was having lots of fun at the time.

Addie got up there with him for a quick picture, I love it.

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  1. Good seeing you guys last night, I just can't get enough of precious little Garrett. Ben seems to be such a little stinker, he is too cute. I love the part where you have to rescue Garrett when you hear Ben saying "eyes, eyes"... too funny.Sweet Miss Addie sure has her hands full with her two little brothers!