Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

This morning while I checked my email Ben decided to rearrange the pantry for me. He learned how to open doors and he had gotten himself in and shut the door. I spent several panicked minutes running around the house trying to find him before I finally discouvered him chewing his way through the plastic on a package of crackers.

He was telling me all about it.

We met some friends at the park today. It was a perfect spring day and we all had fun visiting with our friends. Here is Addie with her friend Solomon. The conversations these two have together are hilarious.

Addie had gone inside and Ben wanted to go with her, and then he got mad at me for taking his picture.

This is my favorite pose fo the kids, they always look so sweet when you can't see their faces.

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  1. Such a cute picture above (too funny about not seeing their faces!) The story of Ben getting into the pantry and mastering doorknobs has me nervously doing math on Will's 'skills' when our baby comes! LOL! Can't believe you added two cats to the mix, too!!! I love Garrett's thumb sucking picture from the donuts outing--so sweet! Glad you guys are great!!!