Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day and 2 Doctors Appointments

I had the joy of taking all three kids with me to the doctor on Thursday.

We were there for Ben's 21 month well baby and a follow up for Garrett.

We all had fun waiting in the tiny little room.

On our way in someone asked me if Addie and Ben were twins. Addie is weighing in at 33.6 pounds and Ben is tipping the scales at 29.6 pounds. Ben's feet are only 1 size smaller than Addie's too.

The big kids both got lollipops for being relatively good.

Garrett was still a happy boy when we left.

Ben was loving his lollipop.

Addie is our little acrobat.

Garrett smiles so much. I love his sweet spirit.

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