Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Addie and a visit from Mr. Pat

I can not believe it, but our little girl turned 4 on Saturday. She has been asking us about her birthday since Christmas. She has been so ecxited. She woke up and got her new princess bike.
We made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and had a fun morning at home. Here is Daddy playing with his toy helicopter. Ben was pretending that his drill was a gun and was trying to shoot it down.
Ben thinks Addie's new bike is pretty neat too. He climbed up there all by himself.
Mr. Pat, or Patrick, is one of Jon's best friends from college. He is getting ready to start a new exciting job so he came for a visit before he gets started. Mr. Pat and Garrett were so sweet together.
Addie tried out her new bike. She rode all the way down the street and back, with a little help.
Ben helping Addie with some maintenance on her bike.
We made quite the procession in the middle of our street.
Here is Garrett on our way to lunch. He was so tired, but he just wouldn't go to sleep, his facial expression was making me laugh, he look so out of it.
For lunch we let Addie pick any restaurant, she picked McDonald's. So we met our friends AJ, Lorlin, and Josie.
Bennett playing at McD's.
Ben and Addie, yes Addie is wearing a Rapunzel dress. Thank you Grandma and Poppa for this wonderful dress. Addie wore it all day, including nap time and she would have worn it that night if I would have let her.
These kiddos always have so much fun together.
A big thank you to Cariann, Frank and Aidan for this awesome cookie cake. When it was time to eat Addie wanted the orange ballon, she thought it was the best thing. This is also the Happy Birthday Barbie from Uncle James, Aunt Shana, and all of Addie's cousins. Addie was so excited to get a new Barbie, she is always telling me she needs more.
We opened as many presents today on Skype as we could. Addie got some quality time with Grandma and Poppa, here is she on with Nannie and Aunt Laura. When you Skype with us you never know what you are going to get, Ben usually puts on a pretty good show in the background.
Jon and Addie chatting with Uncle James, Si, Haley, Gracie, and Ansley.
Rapunzel and her new puppy dog and purse. They have gone everywhere with us the last couple of days.
Waiting for our table for dinner.
The kids are always good for entertainment. That is the buzzer for the table that Ben is holding like a phone.
My boys.
Mr. Pat and Addie.
Getting ready for some birthday cake.
Blowing out 4 candles was hard work.
Everyone enjoyed a yummy piece of cake.
Ben enjoyed the blue balloon.
After a long, fun day all of the kids cuddled up for a Bible stroy from Mr. Pat.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Addie's birthday so special. Addie had so much fun and loves all of her special gifts.

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  1. WOW F-O-U-R?!!! I swear it was just yesterday I was holding her in the hospital!!! I guess we're that old now ;-). Enjoy that special bike Addie!