Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I had such a wonderful day with my family. Everyone was up early so we took advantage of it and went to Panera for breakfast. It was so good and not very busy so the kids were able to run around and not bother any one. We had a wonderful morning at church and then an afternoon at home. We thought about going out for dinner, but Bennett is having a tough time right now and taking him out in public is not the most fun thing to do.
Here are some pictures from this morning.

This is the best we could get with Ben.
Garrett is such a sweet little boy.
Addie is growing up into such a little lady. I love that she poses for the camera now. At least I know I can get one to look at the camera.

At school last week Addie's teachers did an interview with her about her mom. Here is what she said.

Q:Why did God make moms?
A: Because He loves moms.
Q: How old is your mom?
A: 10 or 15
Q: What is your favorite thing about you mom?
A: She does special things for me like making chocolate bread.
Q: What does mom like to do when she is not working?
A: Lays down and takes a nap.
Q: What is your mom's favorite food?
A: Peanut butter and jelly.
Q: What does your mom do all day?
A: Cleans the house.
Q: Why do you love your mom?
A: Because she makes me cookies and colors with me.

Here is a bonus picture of Garrett from the other day. He is growing up so fast and I am loving every minute of it.