Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up

Wow, time goes by so fast trying to keep up with my 3 children.
Here is Addison at her end of the year program. All of those little ones standing up there singing their songs is the cutest thing. They learn the motions to all the songs and it is just precious. Addie didn't see me until about half way through the program and when she did see me she started waving and saying "Hi" in the middle of the song. It was so sweet.

Daddy had a dinner meeting last week and this is what dinner with just the kids and I ended up looking like. They are crazy what can I say?
But they can be so sweet sometimes.
I had to wash Ben's hair after dinner. I didn't realize how long it had gotten. He did not like it sticking up like this.
This is the way we like to spend our evenings, Daddy reads the Bible every night before bed.
Holly does my hair and she is amazing. Garrett enjoyed a little cuddle after she was done with my hair this week.
On our way to the Fountains to play. Addie and Ben were so happy that I remembered to bring their buckets this time.
On our way home after the fountains, Addie was so tired she was willing to ride with her brother in the stroller, Garrett was in his carseat on the other side. That was one heavy stroller.
Addie and Garrett playing this morning.
I love these kids, they make me a little crazy most of the time, but they are so much fun.


  1. so cute!!! I love Ben's chunky grin in the last picture!!! I hope Will still has some baby chunk in him in a few months!!! The dinner pic where the kids are being goofy cracked me up!

  2. They are so cute! Addie and Ben are looking like twins!